Yedoo scooters rental shop 

Rent scooters directly from the producer, we understand scooters better than anyone else. We will advise you with the selection and share a lot of interesting information with you – for example various thought-out features, the advantages of the individual models, their mounting or the riding technique. You can try the scooters on the spot, rent them for the weekend or buy them directly. The branch in Humpolec also serves for picking up goods bought in our e-shop.

The Yedoo rental shop is mainly intended for those, who want to try riding a scooter (we have balance bikes for children), but they are not certain that they would like to buy one yet. As part of a special offer, you can rent any model from the Yedoo selection, for the entire weekend, for all members of the family! 

  • If you decide to buy the scooter you rented, or another one, you will not pay the rental fee
  • We offer the widest selection of scooters of the Yedoo brand
  • We have scooters for the entire family
  • The scooters as well as balance bikes are always in perfect condition


 We will also advise you with selecting machines, we will recommend cycling routes and offer complementary equipment. 

And what are the rental conditions?

  • Presenting an ID for recording data and contact
  • Giving a returnable deposit

How to choose?

Have a look at the Products or contact us:
Mob.: 737 279 226

The sum of deposit

Yedoo Alloy:

Frida&Fred, Friday, Rodstr, Dragstr - CZK 3,000
Trexx, Wolfer - CZK 4,000

Yedoo Steel:

S2620, S2016, S1616 - CZK 3,000

Yedoo RunRun and Yedoo Numbers:

Mezeq, Mula, City, Four, Three - CZK 2,000

One, Two - CZK 1,000 

Yedoo Kids 

Wzoom, Tidit, Mau - CZK 1,000

Yedoo Oops balance bikes:

YooToo, TooToo, OneToo - CZK 1,000

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