A trip to Brandýs nad Labem pays off, not only for people from Prague, who do not need to go far to come here. Koloběžky Brandýs shop and rental shop is located hardly 50 metres from the Elbe cycle route, where in addition to the smooth asphalt surface along the river you can also enjoy refreshment at the numerous stands along the cycle route.

The rental shop offers 15 machines of various brands, including the Yedoo Wolfer, Yedoo Trexx, Yedoo Dragstr, Yedoo Mezeq models and smaller scooters for children, the Yedoo Wzoom and Yedoo Mau.

To rent them, you will need a returnable deposit of CZK 1,000 and an ID. The rental itself costs CZK 160 per 2 hours, CZK 200 for half a day and CZK 280 for the entire day. They also have helmets here, a child seat and a mushing set with a dog leash.

The rental shop from Brandýs will even come to you. They will bring you scooters adjusted for your needs anywhere, anytime, they will prepare a tailored program for you, organise races or a ride with riding instruction. For more see

Excursion tip 

Along the Elbe river, you will get comfortably from Brandýs up to Kostelec nad Labem, or if you go upstream to Lázně Toušeň. Fans of moderate off-road terrain can head for the surrounding woods, following for example the Rudolf II educational trail.

For those, who are only just beginning with scootering, we recommend regular rides with experienced instructors. They will “check your thighs” and perfect your style when riding around Brandýs or on a 4-kilometre-long track in the nearby Houšťka sports premises. For more information see the facebook page of the rental shop.

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