SNOW WOLVES, the largest snow scooters rental, changes into a rental shop offering bikes, electric bikes and other outdoor equipment in the summer. It offers 12 Yedoo Mezeq scooters and 4 smaller Yedoo Ox scooters. Renting a scooter costs CZK 200 a day, you will pay CZK 220 for a descent. No deposit needed, an ID will suffice.

Excursion tips 

In Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains), you will enjoy not only a 10-kilometre-long descent from Špindlerova bouda, to which they will of course drive you, but also outings around the area. You will find a surprising number of beautiful tracks for scooters here, which even families with children will manage. From Špindlerův mlýn, you can go for example to Důl Bílého Labe, to Petrova bouda or around the Elbe dam. More tips including a detailed description of the routes are available on the website of the rental shop,

If you long to discover the beauties of the mountains, which are hidden from tourists, we recommend hiring a personal guide at the rental shop. It is worth it. To others we recommend the website Krkonoše bez bariér (The Giant Mountains without barriers) for planning trips. You will find further tips there for roads with asphalt surface, which are easily passable.

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