Koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616 je doma v městských ulicích i parcích.
Koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616 se narodila pro městské bulváry i úzké uličky.
Koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616 je spolehlivá a okouzlující parťačka do města.
Koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616 je elegantní dáma, ale srdce má z oceli.
Je odolná, spolehlivá a přesto elegantní – koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616.
Elegantní, spolehlivá se srdcem z oceli, to je koloběžka Yedoo Steel S1616.

Yedoo Steel


A jewel that will pull you outdoors regardless of the weather. It fits into every opening in traffic and provides even smaller riders with due comfort and stability. Resistant but irresistible.

Yedoo Steel


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Yedoo Steel

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Technical data

  • Max. 150 kg

  • Min. 140 cm

  • 16"/16"

  • 8,4 kg

  • 12 +

  • Technical details
  • Product number
  • Loading limit
    150 kg / 330 lb
  • Min. height of rider
    140 cm / 55 in
  • Weight (with/without kickstand)
    8,4 kg / 18.5 lb
  • Box size
    101 x 15,5 x 55 cm (39.8 - 6.1 x 21.7 in)
  • Box weight
    10,5 kg / 23.1 lb
  • Frame
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Fork
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Stem
    ZOOM alloy/steel
  • Handlebar
    YEDOO BMX alloy
  • Grips
    Ergonomic (with anti-rotation lock)
  • Bar ends
  • Headset
    NECO alloy 1 1/8" threaded
  • Brake levers
    TEKTRO ML 520 alloy
  • Brakes (front/rear)
    "V" TEKTRO alloy /"V" TEKTRO alloy
  • Wheels
    16" / 16"
  • Rims
    HJC alloy double wall + CNC milled braking surface
  • Hubs
    NOVATEC alloy
  • Hub width (front/rear)
    74 / 74 mm // 2.9 / 2.9 in
  • Preparation for using flat screws (front/ rear)
    Yes / Yes
  • Bearings
  • Quick-release levers (front/rear)
    Yes / Yes
  • Tyres (front/rear)
  • Max. inflation (front/rear)
    4,6 bar / 4,6 bar
  • Preparation for bottle holder
  • Kickstand
  • Reflective elements
  • Dimensions
  • [1] Length
    138 cm / 54.3 in
  • [2] Footboard
    40 cm / 15.7 in
  • [3] Handlebar height
    90 - 100 cm / 35.4 - 39.4 in
  • [4] Width of handlebars
    64 cm / 25.2 in
  • [5] Ride height (higher/lower position)*
    4,0 / 6,0 cm // 1.6 / 2.4 in
  • [6] Distance between footboard and ground (higher/lower position)*
    6,8 / 8,8 cm // 2.7 - 3.5 in
  • [7] Room for rider
    60 cm / 23.6 in
  • *Tolerance +-0.2 cm
  • Documents, standards and certificates
  • Manual
  • Norms
  • Testing authority

Technical and construction features

Originally designed steel frame

Adjustable handlebars

Ergonomic grips and Tektro brake levers

Prepared for a stand and a bottle holder

Footboard with anti-slip surface

Dual position rear fork and quick-release levers


All technical and construction features

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