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We are Czech. We like fun and we can fix anything. This is why the popularity of scootering has developed in our country like nowhere else in the world. League scooter races have been held here since the 1960s. The first European and World Championships were held in Pilsen and Karlovy Vary and we also founded the International Scooter Association. The Finns may be bigger racers and the Dutch have better terrain, but a great group of people around scooters is a Czech invention. Do you know what Yedoo means? We have chosen a joyful Czech exclamation that automatically escapes your lips upon first push-off as the name of our brand (“Jedu!” pronounced as yedoo means “I am riding!”). We then phonetically transcribed the Czech word “jedu” into more global English.

Yedoo Story

From the garage to racing circuits as well as design competitions

Development of Yedoo scooters

From a draft to production

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The Yedoo team consists of riders at heart, who have fallen for scootering.

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Are you active, independent and do you like challenges? Join us.

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We support people, who have decided to conquer new horizons.

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