Yedoo Two je lehká a obratná koloběžka pro děti od 120 cm (6-12 let)
Yedoo Two je koloběžka, která i z malého školáka dokáže udělat velkého závodníka.
Koloběžka Yedoo Two má kola 16“/12“  s širšími pneumatikami pro každý povrch

Yedoo Numbers


Light and easy to manage on the road, when Pokemon hunting or on a daytrip, and nearly unbreakable. Air inflatable tyres literally fly over the cobblestones and thanks to the large front wheel they do doubly so on the asphalt. Call it an “experience generator”. It can safely carry even a hundred kilos, just in case you meet a mammoth in the park and need to give it a ride back to the National Museum. A proboscis...I mean a propos - stopping on time will not be a problem due to our short-reach brakes!

Yedoo Numbers


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Teal Blue

179.90 EUR

Shipping Costs from 9,95€

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Yedoo Numbers


Technical data

  • Max. 100 kg

  • Min. 120 cm

  • 16"/12"

  • 7,8 kg

  • 6 +

  • Technical details
  • Age
  • Product number
    12206 - Y30
  • Loading limit
    100 kg / 220 lb
  • Min. height of rider
    120 cm / 47 in
  • Weight (with/without kickstand)
    7,8 / 7,6kg // 17.2 / 16.8 lb
  • Box size
    90,5 x 14,5 x 54,5 cm (35.6 x 5.7 x 21.5 in)
  • Box weight
    9,4 kg / 20.7 lb
  • Frame
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Fork
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Stem
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel 22,2/25,4
  • Handlebar
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Grips
    Molded handles with wider endings, Yedoo
  • Headset
    FP steel 1" threaded
  • Brake levers
    2x SPARKLE
  • Brakes (front/rear)
    "V" TEKTRO alloy /"V" TEKTRO alloy
  • Wheels
    16" / 12"
  • Rims
    HJC alloy
  • Hubs
    JOYTECH steel
  • Hub width (front/rear)
    74 / 74 mm // 2.9 / 2.9 in
  • Preparation for using flat screws (front/ rear)
    No / No
  • Bearings
  • Quick-release levers (front/rear)
    No / No
  • Tyres (front/rear)
    INNOVA 16x2,10 / 12x2,25
  • Max. inflation (front/rear)
    4,6 bar / 4,6 bar
  • Preparation for bottle holder
  • Kickstand
    Yedoo central, integrated
  • Reflective elements
    On the handlebar cover
  • Note
    Innovated model with two footboard height positions
  • Dimensions
  • [1] Length
    122 cm / 48 in
  • [2] Footboard
    34 cm / 13.4 in
  • [3] Handlebar height
    84 - 93 cm / 33.1 - 36.6 in
  • [4] Width of handlebars
    54 cm / 21.3 in
  • [5] Ride height (higher/lower position)*
    4,6 / 6,2 cm // 1.8 / 2.4 in
  • [6] Distance between footboard and ground (higher/lower position)*
    7,7/ 9,3 cm / 3.0 / 3.7 in
  • [7] Room for rider
    50 cm / 19.7 in
  • *Tolerance +-0.2 cm
  • Documents, standards and certificates
  • Manual
  • Norms
  • Testing authority

Technical and construction features

Originally designed frame 


The unique dual-tube construction has enabled us to make the scooter frame as light as possible and to shorten it so that the scooters would be easy for children to handle, carry and park. 

Adjustable handlebars with reflective cover


The shape and size of the handlebar are adjusted to the age of the riders. 


In order to make sure no one overlooks the children on their way to school, we have added reflective print to the handlebar cover.

Widened and reinforced grips in Yedoo design and Tektro brake levers


The grips adjusted for size fit well into kids' hands, the reinforced and widened ends protect the kids' hands when riding and in case of a fall. 


The junior brake levers are easy to handle, they are short-reach, operate smoothly and their distance from the handlebar is adjustable.

Yedoo footboard


The spacious footboard provides enough space for a comfortable ride. The anti-slip surface of the deck contributes to a safe ride even in more demanding terrain and weather conditions, such as wet ground, leaves, mud.

Folding stand


The stand, which is fully integrated into the construction of the frame, ensures stable parking of the scooter. Another piece of good news is that when folded, it has only minimum impact on the scooter passing through the terrain.

Tektro Alloy brakes and alloy rim


Quality brakes are the basis of the general safety of the scooter. They are complemented by kids' short-reach brake levers, which are easy to handle and contribute to even greater safety. 


Quality aluminium rims, which are light, firm and durable, enhance the safety of the ride. 

Dual position rear fork


The dual-position rear fork will enable setting up the ride height of the footboard for road and off-road.

All technical and construction features

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