Láhev 500 ml na dětskou koloběžku

Yedoo Accessories

Bottle 0.5 l

There can be no adventure without a fuel tank. Powered by raspberry soda, pure water or fruit tea your mum made, you will need a proper bottle. Choose your own.

Yedoo Accessories

Bottle 0.7 l

Bottle 0.5 l
Bottle 0.5 l
Bottle 0.5 l
Bottle 0.5 l
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7.55 EUR

Yedoo Accessories

Bottle Emoji 0.7 l

  • Technical details
  • Product number
  • Volume
    0,5 l
  • Material
  • Maintenance
    Dishwasher safe
  • Producer
    R&B Mědílek
  • Note
    Suitable also for carbonated drinks a hot drinks up to 70°C, spare bottle stopper included

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