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Emoji. Our new special edition for children

We have dressed our most popular machines for kids in a new mischievous outfit. It is full of short picture stories, which will turn every little ☹️ into a big 😀 and bring you, the parents, many 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 from the kids.

Yedoo special edition Emoji
Yedoo special edition Emoji

Yedoo TooToo Emoji

You can find the unmistakable Emoji design in our most popular TooToo balance bike, which has a lightweight frame, fast wheels and many cool construction features. 

What should you know before putting your child on a balance bike?

Read an interview with podiatrist and physiotherapist Edita Prošková.

A safe ride will be ensured by stoppers against handlebar oversteer, grips with protective ends or a reliable brake with a junior lever with the wonderful transmission.

Taking kids on a trip to see 🌈,🍀🍀, or to get 🍦 has never been easier. Forget about 😛, kids will be riding like ⚡ a with their eyes shining like two ☀️☀️.

Explore the Yedoo balance bikes in detail.

Yedoo TooToo balance bike
A green, red, blue or yellow one? 😈 nebo❤️?
Yedoo TooToo Emoji

Yedoo Mau Emoji

You can find cheerful Emoji, which will dispel any 😳, on the frame of our smallest and lightest Yedoo Mau scooter as well.

How to teach children to ride a scooter

Most children will manage to ride a scooter quite intuitively, but some need more time and their parents' support. How to do it?

We have adjusted it to the needs of the smallest riders (from the age of 4) as much as possible, so entering the scootering world will be plain sailing. Due to the easy manoeuvrability and 🔝 components, the ❤️ of beginning riders will be filled with all colours of the 🌈.

In order for the journey to self-confident riding to pass without any unnecessary snags, we have equipped the scooter with a footboard with adjustable height, tyres that can handle any terrain (just watch out for any 💩 ) and a number of safety features, including, of course, anti-slip treatment of the footboard, grips with protective ends, reflective dots and a quality V-brake.

And pack the kids at least a 🥐 to bring, because they will get pretty hungry out there.

Yedoo Mau Emoji scooter
Mau - the smallest and lightest Yedoo scooter in Emoji design will delight all kids from the age of 4 years.
Yedoo Mau Emoji

Yedoo Wzoom Emoji

Quickly, cleverly, emotively! 😛 This scooter is the 🔝 for independent trips of elder kids (6 to 12 years), fast ride to see a group of youngster friends or to play , get a 🍔 or ride to the park to meet their first ❤️.

The 16-inch large front wheel will add greater agility and increase the number of kilometres covered. The 12-inch rear wheel will add swiftness and reduce the total weight, which, including the integrated stand, reaches hardly 7.7 kg.

A smooth ride will be ensured by quality bearings of the wheels, the Kenda tyres with ideal width, the reliable V-brake and other selected components.

Action boys will also be pleased by the adjustable footboard height, due to which they will be able to turn the fast scooter into an indefatigable sidekick for the off-road. Rivals will go 🤢 with envy! And 💩 💩 💩 do not stand a chance.

Take a look at the kids’ scooters in detail.

Yedoo Wzoom Emoji scooter
Wzoom will charm you with a large 16-inch wheel and with speed that matches scooters for adults.
Yedoo Wzoom Emoji


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