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We have improved the kids’ scooters or the New Yedoo Kids

The joy of children has always been at the heart of our endeavours, and we therefore continue to improve and perfect our products for kids. Let’s take a look at the innovations in the Yedoo Kids scooters, which are popular among parents as well as among children.

Yedoo kids’ scooters
Yedoo kids’ scooters

More finely tuned geometry

Happy child, happy us

Seeing satisfied and happy children make use the happiest. We enjoy watching them ride confidently in the fresh air, clumsily try their first switching of legs, or timidly address new rider friends. This is because we are parents, too, and prefer to spend time with the children, preferably in a group of good friends.

Inspired by the success of the new line of adult Yedoo Steel scooters, we have transferred the steel geometry to the children’s machines as well, which makes them more stable, easier to control as well as more comfortable.

Easy and simple installation of fenders

Due to the new geometry, the Yedoo Kids scooters have gained more space for placement of fenders, especially the front. It is, therefore, easier to mount now and its functioning is more reliable.

Yedoo Wzoom scooter
We have fine-tuned the geometry of kids’ scooters to make them even more stable, comfortable and agile.

Adjustable footboard height

All models of the Yedoo Kids line (Wzoom, Tidit as well as Mau) also newly have an adjustable height of the footboard – for smooth surfaces as well as off-road riding.

The ride height of the footboard can thus be raised from 4.2 cm to 5.8 cm for example in the Yedoo Wzoom and Yedoo Tidit models. For the smallest Yedoo Mau model, it is from 4 to 5.6 cm. You can find further information in the technical specifications of the individual models on the website.

You can find the technical details neatly arranged in a table for every product. You only need to click on “Detailed technical specification”

Lower height of footboard for riding on a smooth surface

Scratching the underframe permitted

The underframes of Yedoo scooters are prepared for scratches, abrasions, or rust on the surface have no influence on the solidity or riding performance of the scooter.

We spent a lot of time tuning up the height of the footboard (tread height) for the child scooters - we wanted the push-off to be as undemanding as possible for children while making sure that the scooter still passes well through the terrain. 

In general, a scooter with a low footboard saves the kids’ energy, but it scratches on bumps more frequently, which some riders (or rather their parents) may be a little worried about.

But they need not be. All it takes is a little wit and experience with reading the terrain. If you give the kids a little hint, they will soon understand, when they can ride over a pothole, when it is better to avoid it, and when they had the best jump off the scooter.

Besides, you do not need to worry about the scooter, scratches are its pride, and decorate it similarly to stamps adorning a traveler’s suitcase.

The height of the footboard can be adjusted to the riding surface due to the dual-position rear fork. In lower position, the footboard decreases exertion when pushing off, thus enhancing the joy of riding. The higher position makes it easier to pass through the terrain and minimizes scratching on surface bumps.

Footboard height for riding off-road

For able and experienced riders, who naturally ride in the city and natural terrain, we have added one more footboard (tread) height, similar to adult scooters.

Higher tread height will increase the ride height of the footboard (the distance from the ground to the underframe), and thus the passage through the terrain as well. A higher-placed footboard will also please some beginning riders, who do not aspire on covering long distances and prefer a quiet ride.

Children, who are in good condition and have indefatigable energy, can handle the upper height of the footboard better. When pushing off, the child needs to go into a deeper squat, which is, of course, more demanding.

You are developing the scooters along with us

We do not develop the scooters secretly behind closed doors, but always together with the riders and with you, the parents. We carefully listen to your experience and comments as well as to the wishes of the small racers. We also test all of the kids’ prototypes on our own offspring.

How to change the height of the footboard

You can adjust the height of the footboard in Yedoo scooters using the dual-position rear-fork.  In the basic position (rear-wheel placed in the upper hold), the scooter has tread height attuned to riding on asphalt or another smooth surface.

By placing the rear wheel into the lower hold, the tread height increases, and the scooter is prepared for riding off-road.

P.S.: After changing the height of the footboard, do not forget to tune up and check the position of the brake pads and the functioning of the brakes. 

Cool cover with a reflective feature

Our designers were busy, too, designing a new neoprene cover for the stem and handlebar of the Kids scooters. How do you like it? 

The scooters have received new neoprene covers, which are resistant to damage and changes of the weather. They are also a chic accessory no one will fail to notice.

Yedoo Kids Scooters

Yedoo Wzoom

Wzoom is intended for children from the age of 6 years and height of 120 cm. It will charm you with a large 16inch wheel and with the speed that matches models for adults. And since it can carry up to 100 kg, many a parent may ride it, too.


Yedoo Wzoom scooter
Yedoo Wzoom is ideal for children from the age of 6 years and height of 120 cm. It can carry up to 100 kg and is available in seven great colours.

It also has an anti-slip treatment of the footboard and wider tires, which handle any surface perfectly and will contribute to better shock absorption.

And knowing how irresistible it is to pass through puddles, we have prepared the Wzoom for installation of fenders and other accessories, which will make longer trips and adventurous journeys more pleasant for the kids. 

The spacious footboard provides enough space for a comfortable ride. With anti-slip treatment, children will be safe even when riding through mud and puddles.

Yedoo Tidit

The Tidit scooter is not uptight in any way. On the contrary. It excellently handles even fiercer riding style, more difficult riding conditions as well as rougher treatment.

Yedoo Tidit scooter
Yedoo Tidit is ideal for children from the age of 5 years and height of 110 cm.

It has a lighter, shorter frame and two fast twelve-inch wheels. It is intended for children from the age of 5 years and from 110 cm. That is for all the little rascals, who are planning in the changing room already on how they will finely wipe the floor with the swellhead from 1B on their way from school.

Do not worry, the Tidit has reliable brakes and tyres, which can handle bumps and tilting when turning all right.

Especially boys will be pleased by the integrated folding stand, which functions the same way as in a motorbike. Yedoo!

Boys will surely be pleased by the folding stand, which functions the same way as in a motorbike. Yedoo!

Yedoo Mau

For the first rides and four-year-old riders, there is our smallest and lightest scooter, the Mau. It weighs a mere 6 kilograms, but is very able: it will shorten the way to pre-school as well as the trip to get some ice cream. But most importantly, it will support beginning riders on their way to independence and greater self-confidence. Due to many reflective features, no one will fail to notice the children on the way.

Yedoo Mau scooter
Yedoo Mau - the smallest and lightest model from the Yedoo Kids scooter line.

Timely stopping is also ensured by the quality brake, which we have equipped with junior levers with short reach and smooth operation and an adjustable distance from the handlebar.

Just in case, we guided the brake wire through the inside of the frame, so it is not in the kids’ way anywhere. Nothing will stop them now.

The rear brake wire is guided through the inside of the frame for greater safety.
Junior brake levers are short-reach and operate smoothly and their distance from the handlebar is adjustable. (Mau only has a rear brake.)


The safety of the Yedoo Kids scooters has been attested by renowned testing institutes, which issued safety and quality certificates for them. You can find all of these on the website – among the technical parameters of each model.

Yedoo Kids in detail

We designed the Yedoo Kids directly to suit the kids and tested them on our own offspring. We adjusted every model to the given age category as much as possible, and in the name of the maximum possible joy of riding and safety, we endlessly fine-tuned every parameter. We have thus put our twenty years of developer experience into unique well-thought-out construction and technical features. Which ones are they?


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