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Mudguard 16" rear


A moment after rain, fresh air is blowing and the sun glints in the puddles. Who would sit at home when it’s so beautiful outdoors? Don´t get discouraged by the weather - our mudguards can easily cope with the damp and the mud and you can enjoy the ride! Even rain has its own magic.

  • Technical details
  • Product number
  • Weight
    240 g / 0.53 lb
  • Box size
    58 x 23 x 5,5 cm
  • Box weight
    250 g
  • Wheels
    Rear 16" V-brake
  • Material
    Aluminium, ABS plastic / Steel
  • Suitable for
    Yedoo scooters series Alloy, Steel, RunRun, Numbers
  • Note

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