Láhev na koloběžku Yedoo s držákem, objem 700 ml

Yedoo Accessories

Bottle 0.7 l


Take a sip, have drink, cool your head when it's hot. Preferably with fresh water from the bottle, with design nicely matching the frame. Choose your own and do not forget to get a bottle holder.

Yedoo Accessories

Dobroběžník mezi světy

Bottle 0.7 l
Bottle 0.7 l
Bottle 0.7 l
Bottle 0.7 l
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7.95 EUR

Yedoo Accessories

Bottle 0.5 l

  • Technical details
  • Product number
  • Volume
    0,7 l
  • Material
  • Producer
    R&B Mědílek
  • Note
    Suitable also for carbonated drinks a hot drinks up to 70°C.

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