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Yedoo Kids

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Smileys were used by monks in the Žďár nad Sázavou monastery in the 18th century already to express emotions in their correspondence – and nowadays children test the limits of acceptability with them (💩💩💩😛!) as well as gravity. Ideal for a 😈 for the first independent trips, with a group of friends to the park or to ⚽️. Wzoom is not a fully “big” scooter yet, but the wheels match some adult models already – and it definitely feels adult 😉. It is fast enough for it ⚡️⚡️⚡️ and as strong as the road: it can carry a hundred kilos! 👍🏻 Due to the frame construction and selected components, it maintains childlike lightness and agility, but it will endure a good few kilometres in one go. Slower rivals will of course turn 🤢 with envy! So who is the hindrance here? 😛

Yedoo Kids


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Yedoo Kids

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Technical data

  • Max. 100 kg

  • Min. 120 cm

  • 16"/12"

  • 7,7 kg

  • 6 +

  • Technical details
  • Attention! Components may vary depending on current availability. More

  • Age
  • Product number
  • Loading limit
    100 kg / 220 lb
  • Min. height of rider
    120 cm / 47 in
  • Weight (with/without kickstand)
    7,5 / 7,3 kg // 16.5 / 16.1 lb
  • Box size
    90,5 x 14,5 x 54,5 cm (35.6 x 5.7 x 21.5 in)
  • Box weight
    9,2 kg / 20.3 in
  • Frame
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Fork
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Stem
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel 22,2/25,4
  • Handlebar
    YEDOO Hi-ten steel
  • Grips
    Molded handles with wider endings, Yedoo
  • Headset
    NECO steel 1" threaded
  • Brake levers
    2x TEKTRO JL510-RS alloy
  • Brakes (front/rear)
    2x "V" TEKTRO alloy
  • Wheels
    16" / 12"
  • Rims
    HJC alloy
  • Hubs
    JOYTECH steel
  • Hub width (front/rear)
    74 / 74 mm // 2.9 / 2.9 in
  • Preparation for using flat screws (front/ rear)
    No / No
  • Bearings
  • Quick-release levers (front/rear)
    No / No
  • Tyres (front/rear)
    KENDA / INNOVA / 16x2,25 / 12x2,25
  • Max. inflation (front/rear)
    4,5 bar / 5,5 bar
  • Preparation for bottle holder
  • Kickstand
    Yedoo central, integrated
  • Reflective elements
    On the handlebar cover and tyres (only applies to Kenda tyres)
  • Based on
    Yedoo Wzoom
  • Dimensions
  • [1] Length
    123 cm / 48.4 in
  • [2] Footboard
    34 cm / 13.4 in
  • [3] Handlebar height
    81 - 90 cm / 31.9 - 35.4 in
  • [4] Width of handlebars
    56 cm / 22 in
  • [5] Ride height (higher/lower position)*
    4,2 / 5,8 cm // 1.7 / 2.3 in
  • [6] Distance between footboard and ground (higher/lower position)*
    7,3 / 8,9 cm // 2.9 / 3.5 in
  • [7] Room for rider
    50 cm / 19.7 in
  • *Tolerance +-0.2 cm
  • Documents, standards and certificates
  • Manual
  • Norms
  • Testing authority

Kids in detail

Technical and construction features

The joy of children has been at the heart of our endeavours since the beginning. We designed the Yedoo Kids scooters to suit the children and we adjusted every model to the given age category as much as possible. We played with every detail and put our many years of experience into unique well-thought-out construction and technical features. Which ones are they?


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