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Even the ancient Greeks knew that balance is the ideal. (For example between 🍦 and 🥐!) Mastering it with our most popular balance bike is not difficult, especially since it weighs less than four kilos. So you will easily manage to bring a ⚽. As soon as you add two feet to two wheels,

you will gain speed, reach, you will be everywhere on 🕒 and in future you will smoothly transfer to a scooter or a child bike 😎. To begin, it will be helpful to have a steering limiter against handlebar oversteer, an anatomic seat, handlebar with protective ends, Kenda tyres and a brake with a nifty junior lever (with wonderful transmission). But be careful, the expedition will not be without its perils, you will need to steer clear of 🍔 🍔, draw a thousand ❤️ on the pavement and find 🍀🍀🍀🍀 in the grass.

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Technical data

  • Max. 50 kg

  • Min. 85 cm

  • 12"/12"

  • 3,7 kg

  • 1,5 +

  • Technical details
  • Attention! Components may vary depending on current availability. More

  • Age
  • Product number
  • Loading limit
    50 kg / 110 lb
  • Min. height of rider
    85 cm / 34 in
  • Weight (with/without kickstand)
    3,7 kg / 8.2 lb
  • Box size
    70 x 38 x 15,5 cm (27.6 x 15.0 x 6.1 in)
  • Box weight
    4,8 kg / 10.6 lb
  • Frame
    Hi-ten steel
  • Fork
    Hi-ten steel
  • Handlebar
  • Grips
    Molded handles with wider endings, Yedoo
  • Seat
    Yedoo ergonomic with increasing seat-post tilt
  • Headset
    bearing with steering limiters
  • Brake levers
  • Brakes (front/rear)
    1x mini "V" alloy
  • Wheels
    12" / 12"
  • Rims
  • Hubs
  • Hub width (front/rear)
    80 / 80 mm // 3.2 / 3.2 in
  • Bearings
  • Quick-release levers (front/rear)
    No / No
  • Tyres (front/rear)
    KENDA inflatable with reflective print
  • Max. inflation (front/rear)
    2,5 bar / 2,5 bar
  • Preparation for bottle holder
  • Reflective elements
    On the handlebar cover and tyres
  • Based on
  • Dimensions
  • [1] Length
    83 cm / 32.7 in
  • [2] Handlebar height
    51 - 56 cm / 20.1 - 22 in
  • [3] Width of handlebars
    36 cm / 14.2 in
  • [4] Seat height
    30 - 41 cm / 11.8 - 16.1 in
  • Documents, standards and certificates
  • Manual
  • Norms
  • Testing authority

Technical and construction features

Originally designed frame 


The steel frame is light as well as firm. The oval profile is easy to hold and the balance bike is thus easy to carry.

Adjustable handlebars with reflective print 


The handlebars are light, solid, and have adjustable height; their shape and size correspond exactly to the needs of small children.


The cover of the handlebar protects the child in case of an unwanted accident. Reflective print increases the visibility of the rider.


Widened and reinforced grips in Yedoo design


Ergonomically shaped grips are comfortable to hold and not too hard for hands. For greater safety, their ends are widened and reinforced.


Brakes with an all-aluminium lever, with size that corresponds to children's small hands, have short and smooth reach for safe halting under all circumstances.

Fluent ride and safe turning


We have equipped the balance bikes with headset bearings, which are characterised by smooth running and long durability, but they also have stoppers against handlebar oversteer. These define a safe angle for turning and ensure that the kids won't get worried about what to do with their hands and parents about what to do with their kids.

Quality brakes and reflective dots on the tyres


Quality brakes are the basis of the general safety of the balance bike.


Due to reflective features on both wheels, no one will overlook the small riders even in lower visibility conditions.

Sufficient space for small as well as big riders


We put the seat post into the frame under a such an angle, so the space between the seat and the handlebar would increase with the seat being raised. The rider will thus have enough space and comfort, despite having long since outgrown his or her shoes, trousers and shirt.

A specially designed seat


The narrower shape of the seat does not hinder movement of the feet during push-off. The seat is also pleasantly soft and comfortable.

All technical and construction features

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