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How to Assemble a Balance Bike? Don't Innovate!

Creativity and ingenuity are, generally, valued human characteristics, and not just the reserve of artists, scientists and designers. Creativity is a natural human need and can be applied to any everyday activity. However, it is not always appropriate.

A Balance Bike Which Can´t Be Ridden

When assembling purchased goods, don't innovate. The following example provides an appropriate warning:

Recently, Ms. Jana from Hradec Kralove sent us this question: "Hello, I bought a secondhand  Yedoo balance bike. The seat position can´t be adjusted and our daughter keeps slipping off it. Balance bike seats which I have found on the Internet are level and the brakes are fitted above, not below like ours…

Can I do something about it, or is it broken?  Please would you answer quickly so that I can return it if necessary. I bought it from a lady in the neighboring village. Thanks a lot! I´m attaching a photo of the balance bike for you (see below).”

An assembly should definitely not look like this!
An assembly should definitely not look like this!

Upside Down Assembly

The bike was all right, just assembled the wrong way – the frame was upside down, the front forks and clamping sleeve rotated by 180 degrees, the rear brake positioned below and the Too Too sign could not be read ...

Before we managed to send her installation information, Jana fortunately went to the nearest bike shop where it was put together correctly.

“No harm was done because it was really impossible to ride it,” Jana said to us, happy that everything turned out well.

Find 10 Differences


Assembly Included

To assemble a balance bike the correct way is not as easy as it might seem to be at the first sight. That´s why most vendors of the Yedoo brand offer free assembly when you make a purchase. You can find the contacts here.

Also, we, as manufacturer, offer free assembly of products purchased from our online store (just select Personal Pickup in Prague, including assembly, or Personal Pickup in Humpolec, including assembly). You can then collect your perfectly adjusted bike from our Prague shop in Radlická 80 or from our warehouse in Humpolec-Brunce.

If both these places are too far from you, we can send you the assembled bike in a large box via post or PPL. The only extra you have to pay for is the size of the package. To take advantage of this option, please contact us first at ( Does not apply for customer outside the Czech Republic). 

How to Assemble a Balance Bikebalance Bike Properly (and What to Watch out for!)

In case you decide to assemble a balance bike yourself, follow the instructions carefully.  We often see balance bikes and scooters with front forks rotated by 180 degrees, improperly fitted wheels, poorly adjusted brakes or  loose screw connections. These assembly errors reduce not only the pleasure of the ride, but also the safety of the rider.

We understand that reading manuals is boring, but a well assembled balance bike and your child´s subsequent joy of riding is worth it!
We understand that reading manuals is boring, but a well assembled balance bike and your child´s subsequent joy of riding is worth it!

Download the Installation Instructions from our Website

The installation instructions are an integral part of each purchased product of the Yedoo brand. If you, like Ms. Jana, bought a secondhand balance bike without the instructions, download a user manual from our website. You can find a user manual for every Yedoo product in the technical specifications section. In this user manual, in addition to the installation instructions, you will also find instructions for maintenance and safety recommendations, the warranty card with space to add your dealer´s contact details and space to add the serial number of the frame. This is useful in case your machine is ever stolen.

Go to the Nearest Bike Shop

The last option is to take your balance bike (scooter) to the nearest bike shop. It will be perfectly assembled and adjusted for a small fee.

We wish your children undisturbed driving pleasure.


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