# Scooter set-up and maintenance

Adjusting the scooter is just as important for comfort and safety as adjusting the cockpit of a vehicle. See how to do it and get advice on maintenance and servicing.

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The break lever should always be on the right side of the handle bars, this will prevent you from forming the wrong habit and the potential injuries when switching to a bike (or scooter) with the correctly installed breaks.

# Scooter set-up and maintenance

Dangerous Copies

31. 1. 2012 | Dan Pilát, Jitka Slavíčková

We all know that copies of brand products sometimes appear on the market. Sometimes we even buy the copies ourselves (clothes, shoes...) and expect that we will get the same or just slightly lower quality for a significantly lower price. A problem arises in the moment when the copy of the original product could be dangerous for us.

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