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What are the health benefits of riding a scooter? Why is it suitable in case of back pain and why is it easy to lose weight with? You can read about this in the articles focusing on healthy lifestyle.

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The body is set up for comfort, but the soul longs to grow and expand.

# Healthy lifestyle

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? We know how to step out of it

21. 9. 2023 | Vendula Kosíková

Don’t trust everything your mind is telling you, because one of its jobs is to keep you safe, in your comfort zone, where you are in no danger. So be prepared to be talked out of every step into the unknown, out of the rut and beyond the familiar routine. How to outsmart this protective part of our mind?

Caroline Williams explains how you can work your body to improve your mind.

# Healthy lifestyle

Movement as a key to mental well-being

6. 6. 2023 | Vendula Kosíková

All of us long for happiness and mental well-being. What if we told you that one of the keys to achieving this state is natural human movement? Yes, physical activity, not only brings about the growth of the grey cortex, as mentioned in the previous article, but it also affects how we feel.

Scooter for adults

# Healthy lifestyle

Why New Year’s diets and resolutions never last

20. 1. 2023 | Vendula Kosíková

If you keep making New Year’s resolutions again and again about really losing some extra pounds this time, but without success, you should know that it is not due to your weak will but due to a defense mechanism of the human body, which is difficult to overcome unless you understand it.

# Healthy lifestyle

Riding a Scooter – Ideal Form of Exercise

24. 8. 2015 | Dan Pilát, Jitka Slavíčková

Scooter fans generally agree that riding a scooter is great fun, and they can hardly perceive its wholesome influence on their body. And that is good - what we enjoy doing, we do without difficulty and with ease.

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