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Dobroběžník mezi světy


“Having been born on Earth, I would like to get to know it in person,” says Marek Jelínek, a traveller and photographer, who has decided to travel the world on a scooter to make his childhood dream come true. He wrote a book entitled Dobroběžník mezi světy (An Adventure Trotter between the Worlds) about his second scooter expedition from New Delhi to Singapore. The book is full of unbelievable stories and beautiful photographs. Thanks to the scooter, which people do not know in some parts of the world, Marek even got to places a common tourist does not get to. Set out on an adventurous journey through exotic Asia with Marek. The book is only available in Czech at the eshop.

  • Technical details
  • Weight
    0,825 g
  • Note
    184 pages, CS, 210x247 mm

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