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The Banat Festival. A Trip Outside Space and Time

In Banat you experience as much in four days as you don´t during the whole summer. You can see the stars on the stage as well as in the sky here, taste the sausages still made of meat and hardly bump into primitive folks. One endless party, which inherently includes Yedoo scooters. Yedoo multiplies the number of experiences for you. With them you make it in time to a concert, a beer with friends and maybe save time for a few hours´ sleep.

A matter of the heart

A musical and cultural festival with compatriots in Romania is a heartfelt affair for us - the Yedoo team, too. Although we are usually extremely busy in our scooter rental and get to the gigs only at nights, this trip out of space and time is worth it. Have a look how we enjoyed partying in Tisové údolí (Eibenthal) this year.

Scooters for children from Czech villages

Some of the scooters will remain in Banat. Ten of the machines were given to children in Czech villages in Romania and Serbia. May they serve them well and we look forward to seeing you soon. Check out the Calendar of Events. With Yedoo you never run out of thrills!

The Banat Festival

More information about this unique event can be found at VisitBanat. Will we meet in Banat next year?
Photo: Marek Jelínek, Jana Vlková and others. More loads of pictures are on Facebook.

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26. 5. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Rock solid determination, admirable performances and immense love for the footbike. Without it, a bunch of six Czechs and one Finn would barely overcome all the steep climbs that are characteristic of the Giro d'Italia bicycle race. We went through a part of the eleventh stage together with them, so we know what it is.

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