Kids in detail

The easy-to-handle, unexpectedly light and agile scooters are ready for a fiercer riding style and harsher handling. With them, the kids will exercise not only their body, but they will also practice their first lessons in English.
Yedoo Kids

Outrace me, if you can

A lightweight frame, finely-tuned tread height, grips with widened ends and other well-tested components. And in addition, there is playful design and a wide selection of colours.

  • Originally designed frame 

    The lightweight dual-tube frame is light as well as firm. It can handle worse rising conditions and its optimised shape will provide enough space even for wild riders. 

    Applies to the models:
    Wzoom, Tidit, Mau

  • Lightweight construction 

    The unique dual-tube construction has enabled us to make the scooter frame as light as possible and to shorten it so that the scooters would be easy for children to handle, carry and park. 

    Applies to the models:
    Wzoom, Tidit, Mau

  • Safely into turns

    We put the supporting tubes below the footboard closer to one another, so they would not be in the way if sharply tilted when turning and would not scrape on the riding surface. Let the race begin. 

    Applies to the models:
    Wzoom, Tidit, Mau

  • Special reinforcement

    The originally designed reinforcement with the shape of the initial increases the strength of the frame and ensures optimum solidity of the scooter. 

    Applies to the models:
    Wzoom, Tidit, Mau

  • Finely-tuned footboard height

    The spacious low footboard decreases exertion when pushing off, enhancing thereby the joy of riding. 

    Applies to the models:
    Wzoom, Tidit, Mau

Yedoo Kids Components

Yedoo Kids
Bezpečné gripy na dětských koloběžkách Yedoo
  • Yedoo Kids grips

    The grips adjusted for size fit well into kids' hands, the reinforced and widened ends protect the kids' hands when riding and in case of a fall. 

Juniorské brzdové páčky Yedoo přizpůsobené dětem
  • Tektro brake levers

    The junior brake levers are easy to handle, they are short-reach, operate smoothly and their distance from the handlebar is adjustable.


reflexní prvky na řídítkách
  • Reflective features

    In order to make sure no one overlooks the children on their way to school, we have added reflective print to the handlebar cover.

Řídítka dětských koloběžek Yeoo
  • Handlebar

    The shape and size of the handlebar are adjusted to the age of the riders. 

  • Quality headset

    The Neco headset has smooth operation and long durability.

Příprava pro držák lahve
  • Prepared for a bottle holder

    In order for the young travellers not to run out of juice on the way, the scooter is prepared for bottle holder installation.

stojánek yedoo kids
  • Folding stand

    The stand, which is fully integrated into the construction of the frame, ensures stable parking of the scooter. Another piece of good news is that when folded, it has only minimum impact on the scooter passing through the terrain.

příprava pro montáž blatníků
  • Prepared for installation of fenders

    Knowing from experience how exciting it is to pass through puddles, we have prepared the scooter for fender installation as well. 

  • Yedoo footboard

    The spacious footboard provides enough space for a comfortable ride. The anti-slip surface of the deck contributes to a safe ride even in more demanding terrain and weather conditions, such as wet ground, leaves, mud.

  • Safe routing of the brake wire

    We have paid great attention to the routing of the brake wire, to make sure it does not protrude anywhere or bend, so the brake fulfils its function faultlessly.

náboje yedoo kids
  • Width of hubs 74 mm

    The narrower hubs on both wheels provide more space for the rider and eliminate potential ankle injuries.

  • Tektro Alloy brakes

    Quality brakes are the basis of the general safety of the scooter. They are complemented by kids' short-reach brake levers, which are easy to handle and contribute to even greater safety. 

  • Joytech hubs

    The steel hubs with taper hubs will ensure smooth running of the wheels and a carefree ride. 

reflexní prvky na pneumatikách
  • Reflective features on tyres

    We put reflective features on the side of the tyres as well, for greater safety of the children.

Pohodlné pneumatiky dětské koloběžky Yedoo
  • Kenda Kontact tyres

    The tyres with optimum width will manage any riding surface (asphalt, cobblestones as well as lighter terrain).

    They have low rolling resistance and can be inflated up to 5.5 bar. 

  • HJC single wall rim

    Quality aluminium rims, which are light, firm and durable, enhance the safety of the ride. 

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