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They are light, fast, easy to control and provide maximum safety. They have many construction improvements, which everyone will be excited about — children, mums as well as dads.
Dětské odrážedlo Yedoo YooToo

Designed to suit kids

The lowest possible weight, a wide range of seat setup, stoppers against handlebar oversteer, a specially shaped seat, protective handlebar cover, reflective features and a number of other well thought-out-features.

  • A frame light as a feather 

    The original aluminium frame weighs less than half a kilo,
    while double tempering ensures its high solidity and resistance to burdening. The oval profile is easy to hold and the balance bike is thus easy to carry.

    Applies to the models:

  • Sufficient space for small as well as big riders

    We put the seat post into the frame under a such an angle, so the space between the seat and the handlebar would increase with the seat being raised. The rider will thus have enough space and comfort, despite having long since outgrown his or her shoes, trousers and shirt.

    Applies to the models:
    YooToo, TooTooOneToo
    Police, Ambulance, Fire Rescue

  • Pretty low seat

    The dual-position rear fork has enabled us to lower the minimum height of the seat to merely 29 centimetres above ground. Children can thus ride a scooter from the age of 1.5 year. Some small kids ride before they can even walk.

    Applies to the models:

  • Fluent ride and safe turning

    We have equipped the balance bikes with headset bearings, which are characterised by smooth running and long durability, but they also have stoppers against handlebar oversteer. These define a safe angle for turning and ensure that the kids won't get worried about what to do with their hands and parents about what to do with their kids.

    Applies to the models:
    YooToo, TooToo
    Police, Ambulance, Fire Rescue

  • Safe routing of the brake wire

    We have paid great attention to the routing of the brake wire, to make sure it does not protrude anywhere or bend, so the brake fulfils its function faultlessly.

    Applies to the models:
    YooToo, TooToo, OneToo
    Police, Ambulance, Fire Rescue

Yedoo Oops Components

Dětské odrážedlo Yedoo YooToo
Reflexní kryt řídítek odrážedla Yedoo TooToo
  • Handlebar cover 

    The cover of the handlebar protects the child in case of an unwanted accident. Reflective print increases the visibility of the rider.

Ergonomické a bezpečné gripy odrážedla Yedoo
  • Widened and reinforced grips in Yedoo design

    Ergonomically shaped grips are comfortable to hold and not too hard for hands. For greater safety, their ends are widened and reinforced.

Pohodlné sedlo odrážedla Yedoo TooToo
  • A specially designed seat

    The narrower shape of the seat does not hinder movement of the feet during push-off. The seat is also pleasantly soft and comfortable.

Řídítka s bezpečnými brzdami na odrážedle Yedoo
  • Brake levers

    The size of the aluminium levers fits small hands. Their light and short reach ensures the balance bikes stop efficiently and on time in any weather.

  • Aluminium handlebar

    The handle bar is light, solid, has adjustable height and its shape and size correspond exactly to the needs of small users.

Reflexní potisk pneumatik u odrážedla Yedoo
  • Kenda tyres

    Kenda tyres are light and adjusted to the age of the child. Due to reflective features on both wheels, no one will overlook the small riders even in lower visibility conditions.

Bezpečné brzdy odrážedla Yedoo YooToo
  • Tektro Alloy brakes

    Quality brakes are the basis of the general safety of the balance bike.

Dvoupolohová zadní vidlice odrážedla Yedoo YooToo
  • Dual-position rear fork

    The dual-position rear fork significantly increases the range of setting up the seat. Children from the age of 1.5 year can thus ride a balance bike, until they will have grown enough to ride a scooter or a kid's bike.

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