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Adventurer Conquers The Alps And Reaches All The Way To Istanbul On Yedoo Mezeq Scooter

The Yedoo Mezeq scooter proved itself during a challenging 2,550 km long trip from Swiss Olten to Turkish Istanbul. “It was my first long ride on a scooter, but definitely not the last” says Stef Dietschi, an experienced world traveller, praising this new style of travelling.

Stef Dietschi
Stef Dietschi

Stef, who had cycled several times through Europe, U.S.A. and part of Asia, just returned from his first 41-day-long scooter tour. He started the journey in his hometown Olten, located in the heart of Switzerland, on the 9th of October. His route led through the Alps, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Greece all the way to the final destination - Istanbul.

“I love to travel, but I was looking for a change,” explains Stef why he exchanged his bicycle for a scooter. “I bought Mezeq in Germany two months before my departure, because I read great reviews about it on different websites,” added the forty-three year old traveller, who works as a barman when he isn’t travelling.

Stef´s Tour In Numbers:

- 2,550 km
- 8 countries
- 41 days
- 125 km - daily record
- 80 km - daily average
- 9 rest days
- 2,100 m above sea level - highest altitude
- 60 second interval between switching the legs

Tall Mountains And A Strong Headwind

On his way to Istanbul, Stef travelled an average of 80 km per day but he can be admired for travelling 125 km on the sixth day of the journey. There were more challenging routes awaiting him in the Alps, where he often had to get off and push his scooter because of the drastic inclination of the road. The hardest hill to climb was St. Gotthard Pass in the Alps, which reaches 2,100 m above sea level. The last 100 km before reaching the final destination were very difficult as well, as strong wind complicated the already tired traveller’s journey.

Despite his expectations, the autumn weather was good to Stef as it only rained four times. He quickly made an improvised mudguard with the help of sticky tape, which filled the space between two tubes of the front fork. This way, he was able to avoid being sprayed by the water.

Yedoo Mezeq Scooter DISC
- Suitable for a extreme terrain as well as  everyday life
- Alternative equipment to cycling, cross country skiing and mushing
- Works equally all the body muscles
- Helps prevent backaches and maintain good physical fitness
- Can carry up to150 kg
- Reinforced frame
- Two wheel brakes

He says he wouldn’t change anything major on Mezeq scooter, maybe just the grips on the handlebars. Stef Dietschi describes the success of Yedoo saying, “Everywhere I travelled, people were greatly interested in my scooter and many of my friends would like to buy Mezeq now.

Ecological Travelling

The sport enthusiast, who believes in way of travelling with minimal ecological footprint, would like to take his scooter outside of Europe too. Let’s cross our fingers for him and let us be inspired by his endeavours!

On the top of St. Gotthard pass.
On the top of St. Gotthard pass.
Stef and his friend in Lucerne at the end of the first day of the trip. On the way to St. Gotthard pass. On the top of the Alps - St. Gotthard Pass. After travelling 125 km on his sixth day, Stef arrived at Rimini at 5 p.m. - just in time for the sunset. A Short Ferry Ride in Croatia. The 2,550 km long trip. On Asprovalta beach nearby Thessaloniki in Greece. Stef in front of the Cathedral in Milan. Laundry time. Stef had only 9 days off altogether. He rested in Bologna, Rimini, Dubrovnik and Skopje in Macedonia. Seashore in Montenegro. Specially adapted scooter is ready for the departure. Flying home


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