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Graceful Shapes Of Scooters Or How To Correctly Bend The Tubes

One would think - a scooter that is just a couple of pieces of metal welded together, that's no rocket science! But those of us who have been developing and making scooters for a while know better. Very careful attention needs to be paid to every construction detail in order for you to be able to ride well. Let's have a look at why that's the case.

Our first models of scooters were made for children.
Our first models of scooters were made for children.

Do You Have It In A Bigger Size? 

When we first started making scooters, we were mostly thinking of children riding them. After time, though, adults showed interest, and we had a new task ahead of us; how to make the scooter larger. It was clear that we couldn't just take a children's scooter and reproduce it with larger measurements - an adult size would then be more than 2m long. Can you imagine how impractical, uncomfortable and ugly that would be? We had to adapt the scooter's proportions for bigger and heavier riders. And we had to test everything well. 

Today we offer several lines of scooters for riders of different ages and skills. That's why every scooter deserves to have its own frame - we have to bend all the pipes in such a way, that they serve their purpose best. 

Scooter Engineers

When coming up with the shape of the scooter, you basically have two choices - to try it at random way and test it out on the terrain to see whether the frame will last, or to call in experts. Since we have tried both, now we only rely on our experts. There is a special software that accurately calculates the weight that the pipes can hold, and show which spots will bear the most weight and need to be strengthened so the scooter would last. At the same time,  the scooter can be made lighter by getting  rid of redundant parts in this way.

For example, thanks to the calculations, you can be sure that a product which can carry 120 kg really can carry that much, without  having to use yet other unnecessary tubes (which can make the product cheaper too). This also makes it much easier to test the scooters out on the terrain. 

Even The Smallest Part Is Important

Everything that could in any way affect the quality and safety of the scooter is looked at in great detail during the manufacturing process. From the frame to the smallest screw. Nobody would be happy if the handlebars bent or the footstep broke during the ride. That's why all these components deserve careful attention while they are being made (we develop them with industrial designers who worked for a famous Swedish car manufacturer).

It is true for scooters too, then, that they are only as good as their smallest part. And to make a good, reliable and safe product means to devote enough attention to even the smallest details.

Gradually, we began to work on scooter models that could carry both an adult and and a child at the same time. And also so that they would be attractive and comfortable for young girls. And go-ahead and fast enough for sports lovers. raceful shapes of the pipes on the Mezeq scooters When making a scooter, we take into account even the smallest details. Precise details of the Mau scooter Even the smallest screw is important to us.


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