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Through The Valley Of The Tichá Orlice River On A Scooter

A fifteen-kilometre-long plain, easy flat surfaces, virgin nature and views of the mountain ridge of Orlické hory – that is what you may look forward to if you decide to try out one of the best cycle routes in the region of North-East Bohemia on a scooter.

The valley of the river Tichá Orlice
The valley of the river Tichá Orlice

The cycle route from Letohrad to Ústí nad Orlicí was opened in the year 2007 and since then it has become very attractive to not only cyclists, but also inline skaters as well as scooter riding fans. It is suitable for families with children as well as ambitious sportsmen that may prolong their ride and go to the town of Choceň, which is situated 20km from Ústí nad Orlicí.

Nature and wildlife lovers may enjoy themselves as well. The Eurasian otter lives in the valley meander floodplain of Tichá Orlice, which has been declared a Natural Park, and a large number of waterfowl and forest birds nest there.

Before You Leave For The Trip

The cycle route starts near the sewage treatment plant in Letohrad located next to the motorway exit to Ústí nad Orlicí. There is a small car park there and the first of a number of nice and well-equipped lay-bys on the route.

You can find the cycle route under the number 4048 on the map. Those who have arrived in Letohrad by train can join the route in the centre of the town from the route No. 4072, which runs right from the station.

Before you leave Letohrad, you may visit the castle; in the cellar of the castle there is a Museum and a small room of the fictitious Czech genius Jára Cimrman, while on the ground floor you may see the castle exhibition in the Baroque and historic style. After taking a tour of the castle park, we recommend that you visit the square where you can get delicious ice cream and see the precious stucco ceiling in the church. More information on the places of interest in the town is available on the website of the local information centre.

Climb Up To Lanšperk

Approximately in the middle of the cycle route, just below the castle Lanšperk, there is a refreshment kiosk. If you manage to climb about a kilometre-long hill up to the ruins of the old castle and also climb the freely accessible 8-meter-high lookout tower, you will get a panoramic view of the mountain ridge of Orlické hory as well as the Kralický Sněžník mountain. In favourable weather conditions, with good visibility, you may see as far as the Jeseníky mountains.

Stop By The Cakle Sporting Area

The Lanšperk lookout tower as well as the cycle route have been built up within a project supporting the development of the region. Along with them, the sporting area as well as the Cakle camp have been reopened, that are located at the eleventh kilometre of the cycle route. Besides a refreshment kiosk, there is a climbing wall, rope climbing track, outdoor sports equipment rental, children’s playground and a number of other entertaining facilities. You may stay overnight and sleep in your own tent, in a tourist hostel or a tee-pee.

How To Get Back To Letohrad? By Train

From the Cakle camp the cycle route No. 4048 continues to the railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí. The train leaves from here almost every hour for Letohrad. Nevertheless, you can get on the train even earlier – at the Dolní Libchavy railway station, which is located right on the cycle route No. 4048, approximately half a kilometre from the camp.

Silver Beauty

If you have enough time and effort, go and visit the lookout tower called Stříbrná krasavice (Silver Beauty). It is located on the top of the Andrlův chlum hill; you can get there if you follow the yellow-marked tourist route starting at the railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí. Besides the spectacular view of the surrounding countryside, there is a fantastic restaurant situated on the Andrlův chlum hill which offers an outdoor dining area with a grill.

Send Us Your Photos

Whether you are planning to spend just an afternoon or the entire weekend in the area surrounding the Tichá Orlice river, we wish you a safe journey and hope you will enjoy nice weather. If you send us some pictures from your scooter trip, we will reward you with a scooter rider stick-on label.  

You can find the cycle route under the number 4048 on the map. Letohrad, erstwhile called Kyšperk, is a town of alleys and Cimrman heritage. You can admire the beautiful trees as well as inventions created by the renowned Czech globetrotter at the local castle. You can see ridges of the Orlické hory mountains and the Kralický Sněžník mountain from the lookout tower at Lanšperk. The cycle route between Letohrad and Ústí nad Orlicí rolls along by the Tichá Orlice river and the railway track connecting the two towns. The Cakle sporting area offers entertaining activities for the whole family.


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