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7 Reasons Why to Get a Balance bike for Your Kids

Balance bike riding is an excellent physical exercise. Children can start with it as early as when reaching 18 months and the benefits got are many. Here is our Top Seven.

Riding a balance bike brings kids lots of fun and enables them to surmount even bigger distances without any effort. Without even noticing they learn to maintain balance and find their bearings, strenthen their muscles and develop gross motor skills. This all in a funny way and without any persuasion.

Easy to learn balance

Balance bikes were originally created to facilitate the way for young children to master riding a bicycle without stabilizing wheels. It turned out that they are rather in the way to kids practicing balance.

With the balance bikes, most children learn to maintain balance intuitively, without needless explanation. They can learn basic principles of guiding and controlling movements and estimating distances already in 18 months, and the transition to bike would be as easy as a pie then.

They will be physically fitter and mentally tougher

Balance bike riding and then cycling is a great form of motion that subtly builds physical fitness. It is the easiest to be incorporated into your everyday routine - children can strengthen their muscles on their way to school, to the playground, shopping etc. Riding would increase blood supply to their muscles, strengthen their bones and improve their overall physical endurance and mental toughness.

From Scooter GRAND PRIX which takes place regularly in September every year in Říčany u Prahy
From Scooter GRAND PRIX which takes place regularly in September every year in Říčany u Prahy

Better withstand disease

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system. It is known that children and adults with a good physical condition are less susceptible to disease. Health benefits gained now will bring them prosperity in their adulthood as well.

Often the most simple things in life bring us the most joy. John. F. Kennedy: “ Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.“

They will be smarter

Before the digital age children jumped on a bike and rode out with friends after school. Today they just run a finger across the screen while outdoor moving is the best possible activity that develops children in all aspects.

They learn to socialize and develop motor skills, which are closely linked to brain development. Psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer says that the sensomotorics is connected to a third of our brain, and that due to the use of smart phones and tablets by children their brains do not develop and our society becomes duller. Conversely, physical exercise is said to be the best fertilizer for them.

They will acquire the traffic rules

The children will learn naturally and before reaching their school-age the rules for safe movement on roads, which are among the key skills. The balance bikes will speed up their pace, and enable them to get a better overview of their surroundings and be more aware of it. This will keep them safe, even out of home ... priceless skill.They will be happier

Outdoor activity decreases the amount of stress, clears the head, and improves the mood stabilizing emotions. The children will be tired, but happy. If they acquire this path to harmonize themselves in childhood, they will better face life's challenges later.

And become slimmer

The decline in physical activity of children is alarming, according to experts, up to 80 per cent of Czech children suffer from overweight and obesity. It´s harder for overweight kids to move and therefore less and less movement is looked for by them, all becoming a vicious circle, from which one hardly gets out.

But if you teach your child to play sports already at an early age, he or she will likely spend time in sports activities in adulthood as well.

And how to make the kids go out?

Would you like to make your children go out? Check out our balance bikes offer, they will certainly have fun outdoors with them.

Watch our calendar of events where you can come and try our balance bikes out.

Or call us, we love talking about balance bikes with you.

From FROM HILL TO HILL race which takes plac annually in May in Vrbice
From FROM HILL TO HILL race which takes plac annually in May in Vrbice


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