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Scooter As a Remedy for Autumn Melancholy

Are you missing summer, feeling melancholic and having low spirits? You are not alone; most people living in a mild climate region have to fight autumn melancholy. We will advise you on how to avoid succumbing to depression, how to keep your enthusiasm, how to stay healthy and physically fit even in this season.

Try out a scooter! It will help you keep fit even in the chilly autumn months. It is because you use most of your muscles when riding your scooter and therefore do not have to worry about getting cold and pain in the back or neck area, which may come after riding a bicycle, for example. Moreover, the new experiences will cheer you up and will encourage you to pursue other activities.

Activities in the Fresh Air Will Harden Your Body

The gradual decrease of outdoor temperature is also a good opportunity for gently getting used to the cold, which has, besides building up immunity against cold-related diseases, other beneficial heath effects: it stimulates metabolic processes, improves appetite and brings about mental well-being.

If you take your scooter for a ride through the city, you will avoid the crowded trams and buses full of sneezing and coughing people. You will also avoid tedious waits at the bus stop, when you are hopelessly waiting for a delayed bus to arrive. The scooter is very popular among dog owners as well, whose pet dogs prefer more vigorous activities than simple walking, regardless of the weather.

Most people living in a mild climate region have to fight autumn melancholy
Most people living in a mild climate region have to fight autumn melancholy

High Quality Mudguards Will Keep You Dry


Yedoo mudguards 

High quality Yedoo mudguards made of light and durable plastic are available for every model of Yedoo scooters as well. Mudguard rubber flaps magnify their effect and thanks to their easy fitting you can quickly remove the mudguards if needed.

Besides warm gloves, proper clothes and quality boots, you also need adequate scooter equipment in order to enjoy the ride on your scooter even in the autumn months. High quality mudguards undoubtedly form part of the basic equipment and will protect you and your clothes against mud and prevent you from getting wet.

Do not forget about reliable brakes and good lights

Which scooters are suitable for the autumnal fitness ride? Those with larger wheels, which have wider tires and better manage wet, mud, or fallen leaves.

Reliable brakes are a matter of course. Most scooters have classic V-brakes, with them you need to check the height of the brake pads regularly. When it becomes wet outside, their efficiency decreases, and that´s why we also recommend to check whether the entire flat surface of the brake pad contacts the rim when you brake before each ride.

Disc brakes are best suited to more demanding conditions, maintaining their reliability even under the most extreme conditions. For their being somewhat more expensive and more demanding for maintenance, you can usually find them only at scooters designed for off-road riding.

Do not forget about good lights and reflective clothing elements either.

You do not know how to choose? Just contact us!

How to choose?

Visit our Products Section or contact your closest dealer

Yedoo scooters include sports, trekking and urban scooters, scooters for adults and scooters for kids as well. Each model in its design and equipment is perfectly suited for a particular terrain, driving style and rider´s size. If you do not know how to choose, feel free to contact us. We love talking about scooters.

Scooter will help you to keep your life in balance.
Scooter will help you to keep your life in balance.


  • Earl  |  23. 11. 2017

    Don't forget the ground clearance...too high not comfortable Also we need to see scooters with 8. 10. 12 . Inch pneumatic tires...get get around, and easy to transport Regards Earl

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