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Yedoo Presented Itself At Designblok In Prague

A new line of Yedoo scooters for adults that had been developed in close cooperation with experienced industrial and graphic designers was introduced to the Czech public for the first time at the exhibition of current design - Designblok ‘12. The successful presentation of the brand was interspersed with the exhibition of six original scooter models created by young talented designers.

Dan Pilát, general manager of the company producing the brand Yedoo, at the gala opening of the Yedoo Design Mania exhibition at Designblok ’12.
Dan Pilát, general manager of the company producing the brand Yedoo, at the gala opening of the Yedoo Design Mania exhibition at Designblok ’12.

Scooter As A Space For Design

“We have asked six Czech artists and designers to recreate the current serially produced model of the Yedoo Mezeq Disc scooter according to their own artistic vision. The only limitation given to the designers within this project entitled ‘Yedoo Design Mania or Scooter as a Space for Design’ was the deadline,” Petra Koblížková from the Yedoo Department of Marketing describes the event.

Although the designers were given just one week to recreate the model, their work attracted interest from many attendees at the exhibition as well as current owners of Yedoo scooters and bikes.

Drawing Inspiration From Nepal

It was the scooter designed by Kateřina Pilátová that has probably received the best response. The Yedoo Mezeq presented by her blazes with colours; the original austere design has been softened by adding colourful fabrics, knitwear and a pink-purple thermos flask. “My aim was to bring ease, playfulness as well as a bit of sensuality to it,” the artist, who has been using her own scooter for a number of years, explains her intentions. Kateřina Pilátová has drawn inspiration from Nepal that she has visited: “People tend to decorate their vehicles there and care for them as if they were their family members.”

Functionality In The First Place

Lukáš Kuba, industrial designer and student of product design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, concentrated on the visualization of the functional elements of the scooter in his design project. In his opinion, the future of products will be dependent upon functionality and virtual boundaries. The matt black frame of his scooter entitled ‘Phosphorus’ allows the luminous green rims, handle bars and parts of the disc brakes to shine.

Night Rider

The scooter of minimalist design by Tomáš Vacek surprised the attendees at the gala opening of the Yedoo Design Mania exhibition. When the lights in the hall went out, his scooter, poignantly named Night Rider, fluoresced bright green. “I have painted the scooter with phosphorescent pigments, however, the baking process made the paint froth, so it looks as if I only improved a very rusty old frame with a new coat of paint,” the young industrial designer, who has displayed his artefacts made of translucent concrete, describes the final look of his model with a smile on his face.

Fairy And Noble

Another woman who took the opportunity to design a Yedoo Mezeq scooter according to her imagination was Petra Krausová, designer at Czech glass company Lasvit, which focuses on the production of luxury glass installations and lights. “I wanted to give it a touch of glamour and the smell of luxury, which is so typical of glass products,” Ms Krausová describes her work. The white paint and goldish stripes make the scooter look fairy and noble, while the leather handlebar grips give it the smell of luxury.

Comics And Sci-fi

The last two scooters by the designers have captivated the attention of comic fans and sci-fi action movie fans in particular. The artist and graphic designer MaComiX (Marek Černý), who describes himself as someone who once managed to escape from pages of a comic, created a new figure for Yedoo Mezeq. It it up to the new owner of this scooter to put its story in motion.

Yedoo Mezeq reminded Jakub Berdych, designer and founder of the Qubus studio, of his childhood when he used to be obsessed with science fiction. In his vision, the robot T 1000, made of liquid metal and able to get any shape and texture, is transforming itself into the Yedoo Mezeq scooter. The transformation is illustrated by the green drops made of uranium glass that look as if they were still dripping from the scooter frame. The installation by Berdych is pure and very elegant, which has been acknowledged with appreciation by many of the attendees at Designblok.

New Yedoo Collection For Adults

The new models of Yedoo scooters for the year 2013 have captivated the attention of attendees as well. They have gained their unique look thanks to designers Tanguy Prevot from the Cocoon studio and Martin Sršeň from the Anfas studio. The technical innovations of the collection have been developed over many years by the Yedoo Development Department under the leadership of Jakub Bostl. The new collection thus sophistically combines the attractive image with elaborate technical details and high quality components.

The scooter designed by the artist Kateřina Pilátová was greatly admired mainly by female attendees. Kateřina Pilátová explaining that the right choice of colour and material is very important for her. Visualisation of the Phosphorus scooter by the designer Lukáš Kuba. The Night Rider scooter designed by Tomáš Vacek is quite inconspicuous unless the lights go out... It is because the scooter by the design studio shines in the dark... The scooter designed by Petra Kausová has brought a touch of luxury and an air of nostalgia to the world of Yedoo. Petra Krausová, designer at Czech glass company Lasvit Artist and graphic designer Marek Černý alias MaComiX Detailed view of the scooter by MaComiX Pure and very elegant installation by Jakub Berdych from the Qubus studio. Jakub Berdych has drawn inspiration from the famous Robot T 1000 from the Terminator movie. Designblok '12 – the Yedoo Trexx scooter intended for adults in the front, which will be offered to Yedoo customers from the next year. The new Yedoo collection sophistically combines attractive visage with elaborate technical details. The Yedoo Wolfer road scooter has an aluminium frame, a 28inch front wheel and tubeless tyres.


  • Yedoo  |  13. 8. 2015

    Dear Ricci, Yedoo Wolfer will be presented at Eurobike exhibition and it should be available during coming Spring (if there are no difficulties). We will inform about this on the website so stay tuned.

  • ricci  |  12. 8. 2015

    What are your plans with regards to selling Yedoo Wolfer Road scooter & Yedoo Trexx Adult scooter?

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