Make Your Four-Legged Friend Happy or Dogscootering

Are you thinking about how to make the daily dog walks more interesting? Try a scooter ride and give your dog a great walk!

Your dog's happiness is guaranteed!
Your dog's happiness is guaranteed!

Dogs love exercise and you will do something for both your health and your dog´s. Shared experiences will enrich your relationship, and this isn't just the case for you and your dog - take your kids away from their computers and give them a reason to go outside!

Do you find the idea of riding scooters with dogs interesting? Try "Dogscootering“!

"Dogscootering" is a relatively young sport which evolved out of the traditional dog sledges (mushing), and is growing popular all around the world. The advantage is, that you don't need as many dogs, and a sledge is replaced by a scooter.

So how do you start? First of all, you need a four-legged friend and a scooter. According to experts, a dog weighing at least14 kgshould be able to pull you. Recommended breeds are huskies, malamutes, pitbulls, samoyeds, pointers, large schnauzers and Danish bandogs, but many other breeds would work too. 

Recommendations for the right scooter

What's important are proper wheels (20" and 16") that have a thicker pattern of tyres, an unmoving footstep and a reliable brake. What's ideal too, of course, is a special pulling cord with flexible ending, which will absorb the pulling motion during push off and gaining speed. A self-retracting leash is just enough for a regular dog owner. A detail that's just as important is your safety. A cycling helmet, well-fitting shoes, and sometimes even pads on your knees and elbows should be part of your gear. A great advantage of a scooter is that you can quickly jump off in the case of a collision possibility.

Don't forget about being hydrated enough - both you and your puller - and you're ready to go! Your reward will be this wonderful experience!

You can run many kilometers with your dog on a scooter. Dogscootering is becoming a favorite activity for dog owners.


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