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Yedoo Conquers England

In the UK scootering is not a well known leisure activity. People are used to children riding small wheeled scooters so when last summer Andulka Safarova from our Yedoo Team travelled through the country on her scooter everyone was curious about a big wheeled machine.

Fish and Chips in Eastbourne

The first weekend in June the Yedoo Team landed on the Southern coast in Eastbourne as William the Conqueror did a thousand years previously and with the same intention of conquering the UK...but this time with scooters. Perfect weather over the South Downs showed the scooters in their full beauty.

British people are quite conservative and our new big wheeled toy caused much doubt but curiosity won the day amongst children and adults alike. The children very quickly found out how to skid and do tricks and their speed in a packed seafront area was surprising!

Both the festival days were enjoyable not just for us as we gained many English scooter enthusiasts and positive reactions all around.

The highlight of our trip was the traditional Fish And Chips and headed back to Prague a happy team. All except Pavlina who liked the place so much she decided to stay as she "never runs out of thrills".


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