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We Have New Scooters for Children

After the introduction of a new Yedoo Alloy sports scooter line for adults, now is the turn of sports scooters for children. With a great contribution of Yedoo children, we have developed scooters on which kids can boldly set out for their summer adventures.

Riding out for fresh air has never been this easy

When designing new models, we were helped by the children of our employees. Those that most tested the scooters were the children of our Head of Development, Jakub Bostl, who did not hesitate to include the neighbors´and friend´s children too. Yedoo Kids scooters thus maximally correspond to the needs of the youngest riders – they are easily maneuverable, moved and stored.

New kids´ models (Yedoo MauYedoo TiditYedoo Wzoom) now offer more space for riding, easier control and greater assurance.

Girls and boys can look forward to the new footboard, fully-integrated kickstand and the almost adult-size Yedoo Wzoom with its larger front wheel. And even with all this, we’ve still managed to drop the total weight by up to 400 grams!

Yedoo Mau – an ideal model for entering the world of scooters (4+)
Yedoo Mau – an ideal model for entering the world of scooters (4+)
Yedoo Tidit – a scooter for bold preschoolers (5+)
Yedoo Tidit – a scooter for bold preschoolers (5+)
Yedoo Wzoom– a scooter for children who want to be adult-like (6+)
Yedoo Wzoom– a scooter for children who want to be adult-like (6+)

Double-tube is enough

Due to its light construction and special reinforcement, the original Yedoo Kids double-tube frame is simultaneously light and super strong.

The new double-tube frame has reduced the weight of the scooter, which is now also shorter. As a result it’s easier to carry and store. With their new graphic motifs, kids can practise their first English lessons now.

Original reinforcement

The original reinforcement in the front part of the frame keeps the scooter super solid and tough in all directions.

Tilting curves allowed

We have brought the support tubes underneath the footboard closer to each other so that they do not strike the riding surface when the curves are tilted.

More space to move

The optimised shape of the frame, longer footboard and lower clearance between the footboard and the ground offers more space to move and enjoy the ride.

Narrower hubs

74 mm hubs offer more space for the rider and eliminate potential ankle injuries.

Anti-slip footboard

The newly designed footboard offers more foot space and more comfort. The anti-slip surface contributes to safe riding, even under more difficult conditions (through wet areas, leaves and mud).

Fitting size

The handlebar shape and dimensions are compatible with the riders’ recommended age categories. Junior brake levers are equipped with adjustable distance between the levers and the handlebars. You can adjust the distance exactly according to the size of your child's hand.

Grips for comfort and safety

Yedoo Kids handlebar grips with reinforced and enlarged ends ensure safety and protect hands while riding, even in case of a fall.

For easy parking

The new original stand is fully integrated into the frame. In the down position it does not interfere in the scooter’s ability to ride through the terrain. Scooters in the stand position are significantly more stable.

Sophisticated details

Brake wire integrated in the frame does not get in the way.



We have installed reflective elements on only onto the tires but also onto the handlebar cover so that everyone can see your kids.


Scooters are equipped with preparation for installation of mudguards so you don´t have to worry that you would not recognize your kids when they come home.


Preparation for a bottle holder, good drinking regime is the basis for success.


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