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Scooter Race Entered The Book Of Records

The square of the picturesque town of Říčany situated near Prague was occupied by scooter fans for the 10th time. The jubilee sporting event that attracts the locals as well as people from afar every year was celebrated in Říčany by entering the race in the Czech Book of Records.

Scooter fans during the announcement of the record at the Říčany square
Scooter fans during the announcement of the record at the Říčany square

“We wanted to make this year’s jubilee event special. We thus came up with the idea of setting a new record for the highest number of non-professional scooter racers,” Ladislav Musil, the organizer of the event and a proud owner of a 5-person-scooter, explains his intentions.

Record Number Of Race Contestants As Well As The Rented Scooters

Tomáš Hrábek from the Czech record agency called Dobrý den (Good Day) thus entered a total of 206 race contestants in the official Czech Book of Records at the start of the 10th Grand Prix Říčany on Saturday 8 September 2012. “The record has been established; whoever may try to beat it.”

Who Is Going To Beat The Record From Říčany?
When trying to break the record established in Říčany the only thing that matters is the number of non-professional race contestants. The contestants’ age, the length of the route and any other circumstances have no importance.

Another record was set during this year’s event by the Yedoo mobile scooter rental shop which traditionally forms part of the sporting event in Říčany. “We have probably loaned the highest number of scooters and running bikes this year; I haven’t counted the exact number, but at one moment we didn’t have a single scooter or running bike at the stand of the total of 50 models we had brought,” Jakub Nosek from the Yedoo team was pleased with the interest generated at the event. Attendees to the event also used the maintenance and repair services provided tirelessly by the experienced Yedoo technicians throughout the entire sporting afternoon.

Adults Had To Drink A Cup Of Liquid On The Route

This year’s Grand Prix as well as the previous scooter sporting events commenced by the race of the smallest contestants on running bikes, which was followed by children on scooters and then adult contestants pitted their strength against each other.

It was the adult category that was strongly represented by the Yedoo Team; on the 2-kilometer-long route Iveta Lundáková tried out the prototype of the Yedoo Wolfer road scooter, while Jakub Bostl tested the new model of the Yedoo Mezeq scooter.

Iveta Lundáková reached the finishing tape third. What she considered the most difficult part of the race was the compulsory pause at the refreshment stand where each contestant had to drink a cup of fizzy lemonade or beer. “I usually drink non-carbonated water, and that is probably the reason why the fizzy raspberry lemonade flooded my lungs,” Iveta described the course of the race with a smile on her face.

Voluntary Entry Fee Will Go To Children’s Home

Nevertheless, time scores and records are not what counts at Grand Prix Říčany: “The most important fact is that people enjoy themselves at the event,” Ladislav Musil, who had organized the 10th jubilee event, concludes.

Moreover, the scooter race in Říčany helped the children from the Children’s Home in the nearby village of Stránčice. That is the place to which the total sum of CZK 6,300, earned by the organizers through the voluntary entry fee, will go.

The Yedoo team that was strongly represented at Grand Prix Říčany is easily recognizable during the race, since all its members wear glaring yellow T-shirts with a message saying: “Já Yedoo!” (I Do Yedoo!). The Yedoo team that was strongly represented at Grand Prix Říčany is easily recognizable during the race, since all its members wear glaring yellow T-shirts with a message saying: “Já Yedoo!” (I Do Yedoo!). The Yedoo Too Too C running bikes are light and fast. Racers may safely rely on them thanks to the backstops that prevent the handles from turning around, thus preventing many accidents. A girl on the Yedoo Wzoom scooter was in the lead on the route of the racing circuits for older children. Prior to the race the scooter and running bike maintenance and repair service was provided free of charge to all those interested by the experienced Yedoo technicians. The race has begun... Just a few push-offs and several meters to cross the finishing tape Older boys competed mainly on the Yedoo models. Head-to-head Male and female contestants started their race together in the adult category; nevertheless, the time scores were evaluated and the winners were announced separately. Iveta Lundáková has passed the most difficult part of the race - lemonade drinking. Behind the finishing tape. Iveta, Jakub and their Yedoo Wolfer and Yedoo Mezeq scooters.


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