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From One Hill To Another – Around The Wine Cellars On Scooters

The Stráž hill in the Moravian village of Vrbice hides many treasures. The most valuable of these are the unique wine cellars and of course the delicate wine, that is being grown on the slopes of the Stráž hill by the local people. However, there was yet another reason why to visit Vrbice on the second Saturday of April. The traditional wine-tasting session was diversified with scooter and running bike races.

Common experiences are irreplaceable and absolutely priceless! The programme of the ‘From One Hill to Another’ event was organized with the aim to captivate entire families.
Common experiences are irreplaceable and absolutely priceless! The programme of the ‘From One Hill to Another’ event was organized with the aim to captivate entire families.

From One Hill To Another

The annual event entitled ‘From One Hill to Another’ has managed for the second time to combine seemingly dissimilar activities, namely wine-tasting and scooter races. However, the scooters were not intended only for the racing in Vrbice, a small village in Southern Moravia in the Czech Republic. A good many people used the scooter to travel round the wine cellars and explore the surrounding area. “Who would climb the hills on foot?” Tomáš Bílek, chairman of the citizens association VINAŘI VRBICE (Winegrowers of Vrbice) that had organized the event in cooperation with the Yedoo team, explains in the typical South Moravian dialect.

Moravians Know How To Enjoy Their Well-Earned Leisure Time

It is mainly the local people that come to enjoy the entertainment as well as the fine wine; that is why the event takes place in April – before the yearly spring tasks commence in the vineyards. The locals are able to really enjoy their leisure time. They were riding their scooters with the same passion with which they drink wine. “When I see those radiant faces and enthusiastic people, I am happy that our work is meaningful,” says Dan Pilát, general manager of the company producing the brand Yedoo, with a content smile on his face.

All the other Yedoo team members were also looking forward to visiting Vrbice. “I like it here. The locals know how to enjoy life. The life is too busy in Prague,” says Jakub Nosek, who was in charge of the maintenance service of the borrowed scooters in Vrbice and also helped with the preparations for the race.  

Yedoo Mobile Rental Shop Brought Almost 70 Vehicles To Vrbice

The Yedoo team brought nearly 70 scooters and running bikes of all sizes to Vrbice. Many people were interested in trying out the vehicles, most of these were borrowed several times per day. Besides the standard Yedoo models, those who were interested could try out also the specially customized models, namely an electrically powered scooter, a scooter customized for mushing (dog scooter riding) or an off-road  model of the Yedoo Mezeq scooter adjusted for challenging terrains. The prototype of the Yedoo Wolfer road scooter that is going to be introduced to the market by Yedoo in autumn was available there as well.

Racing Around The Wine Cellars

The scooter and running bike runners were divided in five categories depending on their age, and competed in short as well as long tracks. Nevertheless, all the tracks passed by the beautiful wine cellars in Vrbice, that are well renowned for their magnificent stone doorways with gothic pointed arches.

The winners of relevant races received small prizes. The winner of the main prize, namely the Yedoo City scooter, was picked at random on the basis of a wine ticket draw and it was Mrs Vlasta Böhmová from the town of Domažlice in Southern Bohemia. “I can’t believe it! I’ve never won anything in my life!” said the 40-year old woman joyfully.

Mrs Böhmová did not take part in the scooter races herself, but along with her husband she supported and cheered for their son Jakub, who participated in the category of younger boys. “We had borrowed the Yedoo Ox scooter for Jakub and since he was really satisfied with it, we bought it after the race. So we are leaving Vrbice with two scooters,” Mrs Böhmová concludes saying that she is looking forward to joining her son for a ride.  

Do Not Wait Till Next Year

If you are sorry that you have missed this year’s event and you do not want to wait till next spring, go to Vrbice by yourself. It is really worth experiencing. If you want, you may join the May Pilgrimage through the Viniculture Micro-Region of Modré Hory that is taking place on 19 May. You can hire our scooters even for the entire weekend within the service intended for our customers. For detailed information, contact us.

The list of the current scheduled events in the surrounding area of Vrbice is available on

The Yedoo team brought nearly 70 scooters and running bikes of all sizes to Vrbice. The village square of Vrbice, where the Yedoo mobile tent renting the scooters and running bikes was located, was full of hustle and bustle throughout the day. The races were preceded by a visual demonstration of adequate equipment for children riding on running bikes or scooters. The Yedoo team is convinced that the humorously performed safety instructions aimed at children will be remembered for a very long time. The contestants on the running bikes received great support from their parents and older siblings. The happy winner of the running bike race is posing proudly for the photographs present. Browsing through the plan of wine cellars with a glass of wine in the hand. The wine cellars in Vrbice boast magnificent stone doorways with gothic pointed arches. The wine in Vrbice is delicate and the local winegrowers are hospitable and good-humoured. It is mainly the blue varieties that thrive in the slopes surrounding Vrbice; that is why the local viniculture region is called Modré Hory (Blue Mountains). Younger boys showed an excellent ride in between the wine cellars in Vrbice. Children did not put away the scooters even for a moment; they went to explore the surrounding area during the pause between the races. Attendees to the event were allowed to try out specially customized scooters. You can see the electrically powered Yedoo Mezeq scooter on the photo. The race in the older children category comprised two rounds; the track went around a group of wine cellars called V podkově (In a Horseshoe). Adults had to overcome quite steep terrain on the track; nevertheless, even female contestants were not afraid to face the challenge. The contestant on the photo even managed to put a smile on her face before coming up to the finishing straight. Male contestants started off very energetically. Dan Pilát, general manager of the Yedoo brand (in the middle), and the chairman of the Vinaři Vrbice association, Tomáš Bílek (on the right), choosing the winner of the Yedoo City scooter by virtue of the prize draw. Jakub Bost, Yedoo chief constructor, acted as a presented at the event in Vrbice, and he did a really good job. On the photo, he is interviewing Mrs Vlasta Böhmová, the winner of the Yedoo City scooter prize draw in Vrbice. The Yedoo Fifty scooter will grow on children. The small contestant did not put it aside even during the final results announcement. One of the many beautiful girls who came to enjoy themselves in Vrbice. More photos are available on our Facebook Bez koloběžky Yedoo nejedu (I’m Not Going without My Yedoo Scooter).


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