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Facelift of the Yedoo Alloy scooters

Attention! Attention! A facelift of the Yedoo Alloy scooter product line is entering distribution. The product line has matured in terms of construction as well as visually and in the summer, two completely new models will be added to it - the Yedoo Wolfer RS with 28”/28” wheels and Trexx Disc with disc brakes. What makes the Alloy scooters better than the previous ones?

Yedoo Wolfer scooter
Yedoo Wolfer scooter

A facelift of the Yedoo Alloy scooter product line is entering distribution. The product line has matured in terms of construction as well as visually and in the summer, two completely new models will be added to it. 

When the Yedoo Alloy line entered the market in 2016, it caused quite a stir. This was mainly due to the revolutionary solution of the frame consisting in the use of extruded aluminium profiles. They gave the five scooters from this line unique riding performance as well a unique look.

Revolutionary extruded aluminium profiles 

Extruded aluminium profiles resist lateral and vertical load easily. Thanks to them, the scooters are not only light, but also firm and have optimum solidity. The firmness of the frame is also due to the unique way of wind bracing based on opening the profile in the area of the head pipe and the footboard. The used technology enabled us to get riding performance to a completely new level, in all respects,” Yedoo chief developer Jakub Bostl explains.

The unprecedented construction solution as well as the original shape of “the Alloys” attracted attention not only among scooterers, but also among members of the jury of the prestigious international Red Dot Award. The jury gave the largest model in the line the Yedoo Wolfer the Oscar award in design in the category of industrial design.

The scooter, to the development of which Yedoo had invited leading Czech designers - Jaroslav Juřica, Zuzana Lednická and Ondřej Kahánek – has thus succeeded among 5,214 products from 57 countries that had applied.

Availability of the individual models

We currently have the first two facelift models  Wolfer and Trexx available for you. You can await the other scooters (Dragstr, Rodstr, Friday and Frida & Fred) in the early summer. We will let you know, when they get to our warehouses. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe for the Yedoo newsletter. You will never run out of thrills with Yedoo. 

The perfect now even more perfect

After five years on track, sophisticated adjustments have come and moved this premium scooter line somewhat higher again. You can look forward to optimised riding performance and more modern appearance, as well as greater variability of use. What has changed?

Finely-tuned geometry

The Alloys are characterised by transferring a maximum of the energy you put into push-off into movement forward. To achieve full speed, you only need several strong push-offs. Before becoming better known, the sharpness of the Alloys surprised many a rider.

After some minor adjustments of geometry, the performance of the scooters is now newly a little more predictable and more stable in higher speed, and control is also more pleasant for users.

Solidity of the frame

Yedoo development team led by Jakub Bostl also concentrated on thorough optimising of the individual models' frame solidity: “The frames of larger scooters (Wolfer, Trexx and Dragstr) have “solidified” a bit, especially when applying torque, while the Friday city scooter, for example, is now a little more pliant. We have achieved optimised solidity by minor, seemingly invisible adjustments in the internal structure of the profiles.”  

Slightly raised footboard

The Yedoo Alloy scooters are characterised by very low footboard thickness, which lowers the tread height and brings more comfortable, less demanding ride for the riders, while maintaining good passage through terrain.   

A change you will recognize at first sight, though, is the slightly raised front side of the footboard. “With this adjustment, we have achieved not only a lowering of the contact area between the chassis and the surface, but also higher frame solidity in twist and related greater stability of the scooter,” chief developer Jakub Bostl explains, adding: “You need not fear, though, scooterers, the popular flat tread area of the footboard of our alloy scooters has been preserved.”

There has also been a minor improvement in the signalization of the degree of chassis wear. It is now more readable due to greater visibility of the third degree, which overlapped with the footboard in the previous models.

Yedoo Trexx
Yedoo Trexx

Three anti-slip stripes instead of five

The tread area of the footboard has also undergone a significant change. It is now equipped with three self-adhesive anti-slip stripes instead of five. The new stripes are wider, have longer durability, and they also fulfil the requirement better of the foot not slipping off the footboard, while turning smoothly during the swap.

“We mainly proceeded to the change due to the fact that the original ones released fine sand, which then worked like sandpaper. The footboard thus quickly gained unmistakable patina, which has become popular among Alloy owners, but we as producers see this as an optical deficiency,” Jakub Bostl explains.

One bottle extra

You will cover so many kilometres on the Yedoo Alloy scooters that even you will be surprised. In order not to run out of juice on the way, we added screw threads to the frame to attach a second bottle holder. This innovation applies to the Wolfer and Trexx.

Firmer attachment of the bowden

Replacement of the plastic socket holding the bowden in the front part with a metal one and more fluent projection of the bowden at the back appear to be a minor, cosmetic change, but nonetheless a pleasant one, same as the quieter running and sportier look of the brake levers. But this gets us to the components already.

For the road as well as off road

We have been inspired to a small but significant change in the rear and front fork by owners of the larger Yedoo Alloy models, who wanted to put trekking or off-road tyres on their scooters.

The forks are therefore newly adjusted so as to hold higher-profile tyres as well (in the case of the Wolfr, for example, up to profile size 28C). For that reason, you can now take even the fast Yedoo Wolfer, previously purely a road scooter, onto unpaved roads. Exchange of tyres is also possible in case of the Trexx and Dragstr models.

Yedoo Wolfer
Yedoo Wolfer

Different mounting

With every model, we consider the choice of components. We try to ensure they match the use of the given scooter as much as possible. The Wolfer, Trexx and Dragstr have undergone the greatest changes in this respect. What are they exactly?

Wider handlebar

The largest scooters of the line – Wolfer and Trexx - have been endowed with wider - oversize handlebar. Its main advantage (in addition to a more modern look and greater firmness) is greater compatibility with stems of various parametres. “We intend this to be forthcoming to those, who want to adjust the scooter to their needs to the maximum.”

Wider handlebar also contributes to a feeling of greater stability, and besides, it can easily be cut shorter, if the size does not suit you.

Light foam grips have been selected, which are very pleasant to the touch and can absorb jolts and vibrations. We have also given foam grips to the Wolfer, Trexx and Dragstr, while the other models have kept their original well-tested ones.

Yedoo Trexx
Yedoo Trexx

Semi-integrated headset

The new Wolfer and Trexx can also show off a semi-integrated headset, characterised by higher firmness of steering, longer durability and a more modern look.

“This type of headset also enables setting up lower height of the handlebar, so even people, who are not exactly tall, can now newly get themselves a Wolfr or Trexx, too,” Jakub adds.

New brakes and adjustable brake levers

The construction changes of the fork that have enabled change of tyres for trekking ones required a change of brakes, so you could transform Wolfer, the road scooter, into a very pleasant travel scooter without losing safe control.

The optimal function of the brake is also supported by new light brake levers with adjustable levering and new longer 102 mm V-brakes instead of the original 95 mm ones.

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