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Scooterers from the 2017 Kick Italy team decided to complete the challenging route of the Giro d’Italia stage race on scooters! They were in for some real scootering hell – steep climbs, riding in full road traffic, nights in tents and physical exertion on the edge of human capabilities. The boys had a reason not to give up and make it all the way to the Milan Cathedral. The reason were children with severe combined disabilities from the PINK CROCODILE SCHOOL. Every kilometre travelled meant a koruna for the construction of a new school and hospice.

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The Kick Italy 2017 team was introduced to The Pink Crocodile charity organisation, which supports education and improvement of the lives of disabled children, by Dan Pilát, head of the Yedoo brand, who has a great talent for bringing people together.

“I met the people from Pink Crocodile through my then seven-year-old son Ondra – his school was involved in an integration program, where able-bodied and disabled children spend time together on shared activities.

When I saw them enthusiastically running the Prague Half Marathon with their kids, with no ambition to win, I thought of a way to help them as well as the boys from Kick Italy, who were looking for a higher purpose for their scootering adventure.”

Dan Pilát about KICK CROCODILE


Fierce determination, admirable performance and an immeasurable love for scootering. Without them, the group of six Czechs and one Finn could hardly have conquered all the steep climbs that are characteristic for the Giro d’Italia. The Yedoo team did part of stage 11 with them, so we got a taste of it, too.

Mohlo by vás zajímat

The Apennine Hills have beautiful views, you just have to climb them…

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We Were There. Giro d'Italia on Scooters.

26. 5. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Rock solid determination, admirable performances and immense love for the footbike. Without it, a bunch of six Czechs and one Finn would barely overcome all the steep climbs that are characteristic of the Giro d'Italia bicycle race. We went through a part of the eleventh stage together with them, so we know what it is.

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