Koloběžka DEN 2019

Come along with your family to race, have fun and support the children with special needs from the Jedlička Institute. This sports and charity event is organized by the Foundation of the Jedlička Institute and Yedoo will be there.

June 2019
9/6/2019 – 9/6/2019

We´re going to take loads of scooters to the Vítkov hill for those who don´t own their machines to be able to participate. All will choose here – the young as well as the grown-ups. Moreover, a quick service shop and professional riding school will be available on the spot. The scooter museum will show you interesting models along with the prototypes which didn´t end up in production.

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New Balance Bikes. Thinking of Children, We Made OOPS

13. 6. 2018 | Vendula Kosíková

When you are young, your life is full of surprises. So is the design of our new balance bike line called OOPS, full of kids´ wonder and excitement. The new models available in fresh colors and surprising color combinations bring a double OO in the line´s name – two widespread pupils or two thick tires that pass through each puddle on the way.

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How to Choose a Scooter for Children

16. 12. 2016 | Vendula Kosíková

Every child is different, one can learn riding a scooter right away, some others need a little time to obtain the necessary assurance. If the scooter is light enough, its size corresponds to the child´s age and the footboard height does not overstress the standing leg, nothing prevents the children from enjoying pleasure of riding.

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