April 2020
16/4/2020 – 19/4/2020
Prague exhibition area, Letňany
Toys & Games Trade Fair

Yedoo scooters and push bikes have been bringing children joy of fresh air movement for nearly 20 years. At this year's FOR KIDS Trade Fair children will be able to try out the latest scooters as Frida & Fred or Kids New Collection.  They are even lighter, more compact and manageable than ever before. They do not lack safety features such as reflective elements, non-slip footplate and a quality brake. Though, we do not know why, used by the little racers completely exceptionally.

Balance bikes

For the youngest children balance bikes with which they easily learn to keep balance and gain the necessary physical fitness, are the best. The balance bikes make family outings more pleasant, they shorten the way to the playground, ice cream or a friend. Yedoo balance bikes will be liked by the mothers for their durability and low weight as well, since they often carry them for their kids.

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# From the Yedoo world, Kids

Yedoo Hurvínek. New Scooter for Little Imps

18. 9. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Do you have a lively and inquisitive child at home that is as flippant and naughty as Hurvínek (Harvie)? Then take a look at our new edition of Harvie scooters. With this scooter, your child will have a healthy fun and you will finally find peace. Haha!

# Tips and advice, Kids

How to Choose a Scooter for Children

16. 12. 2016 | Vendula Kosíková

Every child is different, one can learn riding a scooter right away, some others need a little time to obtain the necessary assurance. If the scooter is light enough, its size corresponds to the child´s age and the footboard height does not overstress the standing leg, nothing prevents the children from enjoying pleasure of riding.

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