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Yedoo Scooter Rental Shop In The Petřín Park In Prague

The Prague park on the Petřín hill belongs among the most beautiful places of the capital city of the Czech Republic. Poetic quiet places, tremendous views and greenery in the centre of the city attract tourists as well as local people. Moreover, the new Yedoo scooter rental shop has been recently opened there. It offers unusual experiences, such as a romantic ride or an adrenaline-raising 327-metre-long downhill ride, to those interested in hiring a scooter.

The Petřín hill that overlooks the city of Prague is 327 metres above sea level. The Petřín lookout tower, which is a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was built on the top of the hill in 1901.
The Petřín hill that overlooks the city of Prague is 327 metres above sea level. The Petřín lookout tower, which is a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was built on the top of the hill in 1901.

“I was rushing from Petřín through the Nerudova street at 45 km per hour; the scooter rode easily across the cobbles and I could not resist jumping over the speed bump. It felt absolutely great! It was pretty exciting!” His eyes sparkle with joy even today when Jiří Hujer describes the moment in which the idea of opening a scooter rental shop near the Petřín lookout tower came into his mind.

At that time, Jiří Hujer, Prague Towers works manager, owned a Yedoo City scooter, which he had bought in the Sportisimo shop and during his working hours he used the scooter to ride among the premises he was in charge of. “I really liked its design and it was its load capacity of 120 kg that made me decide to buy it. I was absolutely satisfied with it: it is easy to handle, its flexible frame filters out all the vibrations and the brakes have proved perfectly reliable.”

Yedoo Mezeq Is The King Among Scooters

Before the final concept of the scooter rental shop at Petřín was developed, Jiří Hujer had been recommended by the chief constructor of Yedoo, Jakub Bostl, that he should try out a Yedoo Mezeq scooter with 20 inch front wheel. “I call it ‘a managerial model’. It is the king among scooters,” says Jiří Hujer, today a content owner of this scooter, with a smile on his face. He has sold his City scooter to a colleague, who works as a trumpeter on one of the towers. He uses it every day to get to work from the Prague’s residential district, Podolí, and speaks highly of it, since he has reportedly lost some weight.

During the last year’s month of June Jiří Hujer covered a distance of 600 km riding through the city on his scooter. In his opinion, the scooter is more flexible, as well as much faster in the city than any other means of urban transport. “I am able to get from Petřín to the St. Nicholas Church in 5 minutes. I can also pass through the Charles bridge where bicycles are not allowed, and scooters are quite well tolerated by the police,” Jiří Hujer adds.

Scooters Bring Joy To Your Life

The scooter enables the busy works manager to clear his mind and also cheers him up. The zeal for life and enthusiasm is what most characterizes Jiří Hujer. He looks great at the age of 38; and his boyish look, gestures, and stories prove that he is still very young in spirit.

He speaks enthusiastically about his family. He has built a beautiful house himself, where he brings up his two daughters along with his wife, encouraging them to pursue sports: “They have been skiing since childhood, and riding a scooter as well. I have chosen the Yedoo Wzoom scooters for them.”

Scooter Rental Shop At Petřín

Opening Hours
Daily from 10am to 8pm (April - September)
Hire – CZK 150 per 1/2 hour
Deposit - CZK 1,000 and the ID card
Safety helmets are available free of charge!

The scooter rental shop was opened for a trial period in August of the last year. Much more people were interested in hiring a scooter than we had expected and the rental shop proved to be really worth opening even for the few months. “In cooperation with the Yedoo team we have prepared brand new models for this year; we gave the last year’s models to children in the Motol University Hospital,” says Jiří Hujer and adds the following: “This year we are going to open the rental shop in April. At the beginning there will be 10 Yedoo Mezeq scooters with disc brakes available. We may then buy other models, if need be.”

The hire charge is CZK 150 for each 30 minutes commenced. Safety helmets are available free of charge. In order to hire a scooter you need your ID card and have to pay a refundable deposit of CZK 1,000. The huge advantage of the rental shop at Petřín is that you can return the scooters at the entrance to any of the 5 Prague towers (at the tower of St. Nicholas Church at the Lesser Town, at the Lesser Town bridge tower or the Old Town bridge tower, at the tower of the Old Town City Hall or the Powder Gate).

By The Funicular Railway Wiith A Scooter

If you already own a scooter, you can take the funicular railway to get to Petřín. The ride takes 4 minutes only and you can use the Prague public transport tickets. During the summer opening hours (April to October) the funicular railway is open daily from 9am to 11.30pm. The funicular railway station below the hill is located near the tram stop Újezd.

If you are considering buying a Yedoo scooter, then make the best of our unique service and try out one of the models that are on offer.You can hire it for little money even for a whole weekend, if you want. For more information, please contact us.

You will find the scooter rental shop right on the top of the hill – just below the Petřín lookout tower. An adrenaline-raising downhill ride or a romantic ride. Everyone will enjoy him/herself at Petřín. What if you don’t have sporting clothing? It doesn’t matter! You may have a comfortable ride on a scooter even if you are wearing a skirt. Down the hill Large complex of gardens at Petřín is full of magnificent places. Jiří Hujer riding through the city on his favourite Yedoo Mezeq scooter.  Jiří Hujer riding through the city on his favourite Yedoo Mezeq scooter. Scooter is the fastest mode of urban transport. Jiří Hujer knows the tip how to keep good humour and stay physically fit.


  • Yedoo editorial staff.  |  22. 7. 2014

    Please note: Since the keeper of the Petřín tower has changed, the rental shop at Petřín has unfortunately been closed. Nevertheless, the article can serve as a source of inspiration to you.

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