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How Scooters Are Born

Have you ever thought how many hands (and heads) a scooter goes through, before you take it home? Come and have a look at the process of its making in more detail.

Real men were missing a proper scooter for the terrain - that's why the Mezeq scooter was developed.
Real men were missing a proper scooter for the terrain - that's why the Mezeq scooter was developed.

What Scooter Riders Want

It all starts with what seems to be the end - with the user. This is wherethe manufacturer of scooters should spend a lot of time, listening to users and ride among them. He then needs to sort and think about all the collected ideas, needs, and thoughts. Can the current products be improved, or do we need something completely different? If the smartest option is creating a brand new scooter, a new phase of development takes place.

In this phase, it is important to decide what the final product needs to be like - who and what it is meant for, what properties and components it needs to have, and what personality it should have. When a clear vision emerges out of the plans and ideas, it is the time to for its realization.

Face And Face

In cooperation with the engineers, the frame is designed so that it best agrees with the purpose of the scooter. The ideal length and width of the tubes and their inclination as well as connection to other components is calculated. Then, other parts are chosen, such as the handlebars, the footstep or the brakes. The manufacturers make sure that their scooters ride well, but also look good. That's the job of the designer, who thinks of a name for the scooter, a logo and a visual style, everything that creates the scooter's „personality“.

Testing For Safety

At this point, we have the prototype for a future scooter. Even though a computer is used to help design it, it is necessary to test the result in practice, and so the prototypes are taken out into the terrain. The test rides reveal details that need to be improved. And once the scooter looks flawless, the time of the big testing comes. The scooters are taken to testing rooms and they undergo tests according to European standards.

Thorough manufacturers go beyond the mandatory tests, and let other institutions see their products. If the scooter passes, it collects all the necessary certificates, symbols of which you will then see on the boxes, and which serve as a guarantee of safety for you.

On Its Way To You

The new scooter is born. It has its specific frame, components, colors and character and it has gone through several safety tests. Just a "small" task remains now - to get it to its users. Another part in the process are the sellers, who should acquaint themselves with the product so that they are able to help you choose the right scooter, and help you put it together correctly.

Checking Up On The Scooters After Years

It is very important and beneficial for us to check how our scooters work after years of riding - for example at the Grand prix Říčany, which we attend every year and where we meet old familiar faces on Yedoo scooters. The story of our products doesn't end when we sell the product, we carefully watch what time does to the scooters - what needs to be improved and what works well. We are happy to say that even after hundreds and thousands of kilometers traveled, Yedoo scooters "keep their shape".

Each of our prototypes must go through tough terrain testing. All our scooters are thoroughly checked and have all the necessary certificates. We give special attention to our design too - every product line has its own name, logo and style. Children's scooter style Tidit Mau is our most playful scooter for our smallest riders. Graphic style of the Too Too running bike The design doesn't end with the scooters. It also helps to create visual impact for presentation of all the scooters. What the scooter packaging looks like is also very important for us.


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