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Wooden Scooter YEDOO 1913

Jakub Bostl, the leading design engineer of Yedoo brand, built a unique wooden scooter at the occasion of scooter competition that took place in tribute to 100 years anniversary of Tour de France. This model, which he called Yedoo 1913, was made of plywood from a transportation cart in only three evenings.

Jakub Bostl is posing for photographers.
Jakub Bostl is posing for photographers.

We were so impressed by the result and by Jakub’s charming ride on this historical yet still functional machine that we decided to bring you some more details about the whole story. Jakub’s photographic reportage as well as his distinctive interpretation is worth discovering. Jakub narrates:

Plywood Board

I have produced the wooden or, rather, plywood scooter thanks to help of Yarda „Lesík“ Hájek. As far as the construction material is concerned, we used some specials: the plywood is made from the cart board which I had constructed 11 years ago when I started in the company. This particular board has transported hundreds, maybe thousands of tons of goods. The cart was exposed to rain, snow, frost, harsh treatment and reckless driving of warehousemen (me included). We rode it in the same skilful way as if riding a scooter and with the same grace as if on a snowboard.

We took the cart with us also when travelling – we have been to a trade fair in Munich, Nuremberg, Cologne, Bratislava and in the Alpes, in Friedrichshafen, the city on the Bodensee.

If the scooter had a mouth and could speak, it would spend many evenings narrating its stories :-). Well, the truth is that while constructing it, I realized that the plywood board looked rather worn out so I did not use it to utilize it as a footboard and, just to make sure, I fixed and strengthened all the joints with U-shaped manufactured pads.

The scooter contours are not cut accurately on purpose, I wanted this road scooter to make an impression as if it was manufactured some 100 years ago in a simple garage

I transferred contours of every single scooter component onto the board with the aid of templates that I had prepared from a cardboard. I made the cart 11 years ago when I started in the company as a warehouse keeper and a driver. Both the plywood board and the scooter have a beautiful design. The cuts in this picture are not really accurate on purpose, the reason why is the following – I was supposed to produce a road scooter that would look like it was manufactured some 100 years ago in a simple garage. Yarda „Lesík“ Hájek was helping me. The hybrid steel footboard made from the banister of our house.
At the moment of drilling, sharpening, screwing, varnishing, geometry-checking and sticker posting.
At the moment of drilling, sharpening, screwing, varnishing, geometry-checking and sticker posting.
This is how the logo would look like 100 years ago, at that time the high-visibility stickers were not used but I do follow safety rules.
This is how the logo would look like 100 years ago, at that time the high-visibility stickers were not used but I do follow safety rules.
Special thread headset
Special thread headset

Jakub Is Getting Used To A New Riding Style

When I tried that piece of wood combined with the new 28“ and 20“ wheels, I was more than happy. I rode this scooter produced from plywood during the zero year stage competition Tour de Šumava 2013. The beginning was not easy though - the footboard was rubbing against the ground and the scooter was twisting. I thought it would get better with time but it didn´t. So I had no other choice than somehow deal with it.

I dressed similarly as my favorite cyclist François Faber, who finished fifth in Tour de France in 1913.
I dressed similarly as my favorite cyclist François Faber, who finished fifth in Tour de France in 1913.
Last tuning before the start The first scooter micro stage competition took place in honour of a hundredth anniversary of Tour de France. It was following the idea of the first year of Tour, held in 1903, however, the track was predominantly the same as the most famous scooter competition of our history – Tour de Šumava.  I kept myself in the middle of peloton until the final phase of the competition when I damaged my tyre and, as a consequence, dropped almost to the last position. Yedoo and Kick France 2013 teams Leaves belong to the wood. This time served as a firming filling. The scooter YEDOO 1913 was deeply admired by others during the competition.

The Best Is Yet To Come

If I had more time for preparation and scooter production, I would have used extremely resilient glue to all its joints and I would also have fixed the breaks so that slowing down by my own shoe would just be a funny story to tell friends and the tyre would not get worn out as it did in the last stage of the competition. Well, I will know better next time. I am going to make a real wooden road scooter but only if I manage to get a real maverick and ram´s horns.

See you then,
Jakub Bostl

Looks like an old postcard.
Looks like an old postcard.


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  • Fusto  |  16. 11. 2014

    Hello, I have made also my woodie. Through a forum they have send me the link of your Yedoo. I want to send my woodie through email, but it doesn't work.

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