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24 Hours On A Scooter

Come on! Come on! Parallo! Here I go! Racers shouting at each other could be heard during the endurance relay race 24 Hours on a Scooter. The unusual race has a 25-year-long tradition; around fifteen teams participate in it every year. Adam Scheinherr from the Parallo team arrived from faraway Marseilles, where he studies biomechanics, to take part in this year’s race. Why does he never miss out on the rather demanding 24-hour marathon just like others?

The only 200-metre-long hill of the 2.4-kilometre-long circuit enabled the racers to take a short rest.
The only 200-metre-long hill of the 2.4-kilometre-long circuit enabled the racers to take a short rest.


“The event has a unique and electric atmosphere; I see most of the people, like, once a year – in Stromovka Park on scooters. What’s more, my brother Martin and my father Jiří are also members of the Parallo team and regularly participate in such races. My father built scooters for our team, which has nine regular members, from old Favorit bicycles several years ago,” Adam explains why he is so enthusiastic about the races. What he and his friends enjoy most about the Stromovka races is good company and unforgettable experiences.

The only 200-metre-long hill of the 2.4-kilometre-long circuit enabled the racers to take a short rest. The race has just begun. While the first representatives of the team have set off for the track, the other racers have just arrived and have begun to pitch the tents. Resting One Man Team Stopaři Reloaded - Tomáš Rukavička on his home-made vehicle. The racer in a stylish jersey writing down another completed round into the given chart. Also small children represented several teams. Most of the small racers were members of the Smraďoši team.

First Medal After 20 Years Of Participation

Last year the Parallo team won the race for the first time in its history and gained the challenge skittle pin. However, this year they have handed it over to a group of chemists from the research laboratory “Sdílení hmoty” (Sharing Substance) who have managed to ride 233 rounds and 559 kilometres in a small team of around 4 -5 riders. You can find them under the name Grassel in the result chart.

Scooter From A Rental Shop

The team entitled “Nudle s mákem” (Noodles with Poppy Seeds) was founded some time ago by Jan Kepler Grammar School graduates. Three sturdy male canoeists and three beautiful female canoeists represented the team this year. “We do not ride scooters throughout the year at all; the founder of our team, the only owner of a scooter, did not take part in this year’s 24-hour marathon, so we had to borrow a scooter for the race,” the members of the last year’s winning team - Nudle s mákem – explain. This year they came in a very commendable fourth place.

The Yedoo team preparing their vehicles for the night part of the race. The colourfully illuminated scooters of the Yedoo team could not be overlooked at night. Morning heavy rain was replaced by a sunny day and at least seven hours of hard work awaited the racers. Yedoo members taking turns. Nudle s mákem and some other teams had only one scooter available for the race. The racers thus had to be well-coordinated to be able to exchange the vehicle. Sirius members taking turns.

One Man Team

The eighteen-year-old Tomáš Rukavička from the Stopaři (Trackers) team showed an excellent performance on his home-made vehicle. His team did not arrive at the race, so he stood on the starting line with the aim of riding 300 kilometres just by himself. Thanks to the support he received from his family, he managed to pass the long dark night, endured torrential rain in the morning, and until Saturday 5pm, when the race officially finished after 24 hours, he managed to ride the 2.4-kilometre-long circuit in the Královská obora 115 times. During the ceremony at which the results of the race were announced, Tomáš enjoyed well-earned appreciation and undying applause from other contestants for the fabulous 276 kilometres he had ridden, for his unfailing courage and firm willpower.  

Freshmen In The Race

While some teams break up, other teams emerge. The team called “Smraďoši” (Stinkards) took part in the race for the first time this year. The team was founded by a former Wemena team member, who challenged his former team to a duel. “I began to devote more time to the tourist club “Poutníci” (Tramps) and I wanted not only my colleagues, but also the children from my new club to take part in this wonderful event,” says the 20-something racer known as “Opičák” (Monkey).

Saturday 18 May 4:59pm, one minute before the end of the race. The riders have just set forth on their final round. Announcing the results - Adam Scheinherr from the Parallo team is about to collect his silver medal. The challenge skittle pin went to a group of young chemists – the Grassel team.

The 25th scooter race took place between 5pm of Friday 17 May and 5pm of Saturday 18 May in the back area of the Stromovka Park. For the final results please go to the website of the race organizer and at the same time the Prague scooter server provider -


See You Again Next Year

Scooters are a lifelong passion for the Yedoo team, as well as their daily routine. Alena Romanovská, international business coordinator of the Yedoo brand, who managed to complete 22 rounds in the Stromovka Park described her final round as follows: “Breaking the finishing tape after the 24-hour-long struggle and listening to the applause of all the participants was exciting, amazing and impressive. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate.”  


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