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Safety And Quality First And Foremost

When you need to fly somewhere, you usually look for the cheapest ticket. At the same time, however, you expect that the plane will be in such a technical state, that there will be no problems during your flight. And if something did go wrong, you would expect qualified mechanics to fix it quickly (with minimal time loss on your part) and with skill.

Check whether your product has all the necessary certificates.
Check whether your product has all the necessary certificates.

The same thing applies for a scooter, a running bike, or a children's bike. We expect that when we pick one of the vehicles and pay a certain price for it, everything will function as it should. However, experience shows that having doubts pays off sometimes...

Check The Certificates

In this case, what needs to be checked first is the product label. The name and product norm according to which it was tested or with which it complies (i.e. for toys the letters CE are the symbol for testing and compliance with a certain norm) need to be on the product. Trustworthy manufacturers usually also show the symbol or name of the testing room where the product was tested (i. e. the symbol TÜV stands for a famous German testing room). This easy test can help us see a potential problem in the product and prevent us from having to return it later. 

Thoroughness Pays off

If you make sure that you got a products with all the necessary valid certificates, you have a guarantee that you will get what you are expecting for your money. One more little warning - if you have doubts, always ask to see a valid certificate. Just because the product has the symbol CE written on it for example, doesn't necessarily mean that it was really tested. Moreover (and this applies twice as much for toys), the product must be tested for health risks of colors and materials used, and for presence of  phthalate in plastic. Therefore, be thorough when checking the product. 

We know that it's not easy to immediately know your way around these expert things, but unfortunately there are  dangerous and bad quality products on the market. Being careful and checking the product pays off. 

Be Careful With Unknown Brands

And a final recommendation? Big manufacturers and well-established brands (please do not mistake them with big retailers) usually have their products tested well. In case of unknown brands, it is inevitable to test the safety and quality of the product.

Yedoo products successfully passed all quality tests and acquired all necessary certificates. Good quality scooter has good quality brakes – on the picture „V“ brake. First-rate scooter has first-rate brakes – on the picture circular brake.


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