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Great summer experience: a 7-km downhill ride in the Swiss Alps

Summer favours travel and unique experiences. You can indulge in one of these in the Glarus Alps, where you can rent a Yedoo scooter on the Kerenzerberg plateau.

Riding a Yedoo Trexx scooter equipped with disc brakes is a real treat.
Riding a Yedoo Trexx scooter equipped with disc brakes is a real treat.

How to get there

The Kerenzerberg plateau can be reached comfortably by cable car from Filzbach. This is also where you return the scooter after the descent. 

The Glarus Alps

  • Map

  • Kerenzerberg and the Habergschwänd mountain inn – No. 5

  • cable car boarding station – No. 3

The asphalt road winding down into the valley invites you to test the speed limits. You can take the downhill ride easy, though, too, to make sure you do not miss the amazing views of the turquoise Walensee lake, which shimmers below you, surrounded by rocky peaks and green hillsides.

Whether you make the downhill ride an adrenaline experience or a scenic ride, rest assured that you will definitely enjoy the seven kilometers, even with your entire family.

In addition to the adult models (Yedoo Trexx Disc and Yedoo Mezeq Disc), the Rental Shop also offers Yedoo S2016 Disc scooters with an additional footboard for small children. For the bigger ones, who can already ride downhill on their own, the Yedoo S1616 is equipped with a child handlebar for easier handling and safer ride.


There are many views of Lake Walensee on the way down.
You will definitely enjoy the 7-kilometre descent on the small asphalt road.

A break by the clear Talalpsee lake

Scooters can be rented for an hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the nearby Talalpsee lake, which is accessed by a gravel path off the road.

Lake Talalpsee, which is about a third of the way down, is worth seeing.

Swiss specialities and views you will never get tired of

But these are not all reasons why you should stop at Kerenzerberg. At the final station of the cable car, you will find the Habergschwänd mountain inn, which not only has a pleasant seating area with panoramic views, but also Swiss specialties prepared exclusively from local ingredients.

Cows have priority here

The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the mountain breeze and the ubiquitous tinkling of cowbells. Spotted alpine cows actually have priority here over cyclists and scooterers, too. So, if you go down on the scooter at milking time, you will need to wait for the cows to move from the pasture to the barn in their swinging stride.

The views from the terrace of the Habergschwänd mountain inn are fantastic.
Cows grazing on the surrounding slopes have priority here.

Mountain trails

The cable car terminus is also an ideal starting point for many alpine trails. Some of them lead through the tectonic area of Sardona, which is listed by UNESCO for its uniqueness.

The sight of the high mountain peaks, the long green valleys of the Glarus Alps will take your breath away.

Get a glimpse of the cheesemakers’ work

Another trail takes you to a mountain farm Nüenalp after just 30 minutes, where you can taste homemade Alpine cheeses and get a glimpse of the cheesemakers’ work.

In the Nüenalp experiential cheese factory, you can taste homemade Alpine cheeses and also make your own.

Offroad for the brave

Off-road scooter enthusiasts can enjoy the unpaved trails down to Filzbach. However, such a descent is only for the brave and experienced, so we recommend consulting the rental company first.

This narrow trail is only for brave scooterers, as it drops steeply behind the horizon.

Other trips in the area

For more tips on activities to do in the Glarus Alps, see

Do not miss a dip in the crystal-clear water of Lake Walensee, a trip to the Seerenbachfälle waterfall or paddleboarding on the Klöntalersee, Switzerland’s most beautiful lake, which is a 20-minute drive away.

The atmosphere at Klöntalersee is peaceful and you will feel as if you were in a fairy tale.
The grandeur of the rocks surrounding Klöntalersee is stunning.

A night on the hay or under the stars

You say it cannot all be done in one day? That doesn’t matter. At the Habergschwänd mountain inn, they will accommodate you on mattresses in a large common room.

However, you might prefer to sleep romantically on hay above a cow barn or on wooden platforms in the open air. These are in fact the only flat places in the wider area. It is beautiful to watch the stars and listen to the chimes from the Alpine slopes.

Prices are very reasonable for Switzerland. A night with breakfast will cost you only CHF 40-50. And you can actually speak Czech here, too. The cable car and the mountain inn are run by a Swiss-Czech couple, Dave and Karolína Branderberger.

Fragrant hay, mountain air and fresh milk for breakfast. Will you have some?
Sleeping on the wooden platform is a real treat, with a nice view of the stars at night and the sunrise in the morning.

So, have a great holiday/vacation and let us know how you enjoyed it.


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