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Šumava on Scooters III. From Modrava to Modrava

Šumava is popular among scooterers. They are attracted not only by the wild nature in Šumava, but also by hundreds of well-marked routes. The route from Modrava through Březník and the Vltava spring is something that scootering beginners, laid-back riders and families with children will enjoy.

Modrava → Modrava in Brief

  • For beginners and scooterers, who like a ride of ease, or for families with older children, individuals as well as groups
  • You will cover 32 km
  • It will take you half a day or more, depending on the speed you choose.
  • One greater climb, otherwise it is easy
  • Descent by 440 vertical metres
  • Surface - asphalt alternates with gravel sections
  • You can also start and end this journey at Kvilda 
  • Parking – parking is possible directly at Modrava or Kvilda for CZK 250 per day
  • Public transport – busses and special Green lines
  • Route map

Modrava  Březník

The lovely village of Modrava is situated approximately one thousand metres above sea level in a place where three Šumava brooks meet. Follow one of them upstream with us and delight in the beauty of moss-covered stones, green fern, wild rapids as well as peaceful stretches with crystal-clear water.

The starting point for our common journey along Modravský potok and further to the spring of the Vltava river is Muzeum dřevařství, from which you will go up the asphalt road in the direction of Březník. You will not even notice the slight climb thanks to the beautiful nature all around you.


Soon after turning right at the Na Ztraceném crossroad, the view of a marvellous mountain meadow full of flowers and rare herbs will open before you. If you come here in the middle of summer, you will be greeted by yellow-shining blossoms of arnica and deep dark blossoms of aconite. In late summer, you will probably spot purple gentians in the plains of Šumava.

Leave your scooters at the Březník crossroad and take the scenic route above the valley of Luzenský potok, which is a protected area now not only due to the unique peatbog, but also as the only Central European locality, where the critically endangered wood grouse reproduces.

The valley is also known for its highest annual precipitation and the longest-lasting snow cover.

After you have sufficiently enjoyed the beauties of the cooling valley of Luzenský potok, you will warm yourself up by the climb to the gamekeeper's lodge at Březník, where you can refresh yourself properly, or just sit and enjoy the beauty around you.

Březník Kvilda

From Březník return to the Na Ztraceném crossroad, and from there you will continue to the right. A climb of approximately 7 kilometres awaits you, which is somewhat more demanding at the end, so save your strength. Rest frequently along the way and enjoy the views of Šumava hills. Above Černá hora, the hill eventually ends and descends around the spring of the Vltava river to the village of Kvilda, where you can have some classic Czech food at Pekárna Kvilda.

Stop to get something sweet in the scooter harbour and at the café Na Kvildě. They have home-made waffles with blueberry, vanilla and various other sauces.

In addition to the sweat treats, children will also be pleased by the nice interactive exhibition on Šumava nature at the local information centre, or by the pens at the Visitor Centre, where they can see a live lynx or deer.

 The spring of the Vltava
The spring of the Vltava
Visitor Centre Kvilda
Visitor Centre Kvilda

Kvilda Modrava

The final leg of the journey is not demanding in any way, after a slight climb on cycling route 33 you will only be descending downhill through Filipova huť to Modrava. A car passes on the road now and then, so be careful.


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