Impeccable atmosphere, nice routes with a view of Prague, healthy movement, common goal and playful competition, all this awaiting you at Adra Run, this year also including scooter races. All proceeds from the event go to the children´s educational center in a Bangladesh's poor neighborhood.

September 2018
23/9/2018 – 23/9/2018
9:00 a.m.
Letenské sady, a sandy area, a short walk from the Sparta stop
Run race and informal footbike race

Yedoo scooters for children and adults will be available for rent on the spot for a voluntary contribution. So, come and enjoy a lot of fun and help others in the same time. (PS: Take 500 to 1000 CZK for a refundable deposit with you)

Get inspired

# From the Yedoo world, Kids

New Balance Bikes. Thinking of Children, We Made OOPS

13. 6. 2018 | Vendula Kosíková

When you are young, your life is full of surprises. So is the design of our new balance bike line called OOPS, full of kids´ wonder and excitement. The new models available in fresh colors and surprising color combinations bring a double OO in the line´s name – two widespread pupils or two thick tires that pass through each puddle on the way.

# From the Yedoo world

We are extending the warranty to 3 YEARS

21. 5. 2018 | Vendula Kosíková

Because we not only produce Yedoo scooters but also test them with passion, we know they can be relied on – on your way to work, at races, scooter expeditions, playgrounds , when walking a dog or enjoying your leisure time. As Yedoo we don’t just brag that our products have performance and quality built to last – we’ve proved it by extending the full warranty to 3 YEARS! This extended, 3-year, full warranty applies not only to Yedoo Alloy scooters but also to all other Yedoo scooters and Yedoo balance bikes.

# Travelling

With the Yedoo Trexx Scooter to India and Beyond

5. 4. 2018 | Vendula Kosíková

"As I was born on Earth, I would like to know it personally," says Marek Jelínek, a professional traveler who has decided to explore the natural beauties and diverse cultures of the world from a scooter´s footstep.

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