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We asked the riders or What the scootering opinion poll has revealed

In an online opinion poll, we put several questions to people, who ride a scooter regularly. We were interested to hear about how they began with scootering, what feelings riding elicits in them, where they go to the most frequently or what they choose their machines by. We were really struck by their answers. Take a look at them, maybe you will be, too.

Yedoo Scooter
Yedoo Scooter

I got to the scooter thanks to a buddy


We would like to thank all of you, who took time for the opinion poll, very much. Your sincere answers recharged our batteries and made us feel that what we are doing is meaningful.
Yedoo Team

When asked about where they first encountered a scooter, most of the respondents answered it was due to their friend, who already had one. It shows that personal experience is invaluable.

The very first time, it was when watching the aces on scooters at Giro d´Italia. At that time, I thought I was never going to have a scooter. Wrong. I have my second one already.”


And since most scooterers fall in love with their machine somewhere between the fifth and the twentieth kilometre, we have a rental shop with special conditions for our clients. There is nothing like trying out a scooter thoroughly before buying one. You can find out more in the article on Yedoo scooters rental shop. If we are too far for you, please contact your nearest Yedoo dealer.

Yedoo opinion poll
Where did you first come across a scooter for adults? At a friend or on a bike trail, were the most frequent answers (27.4 % answered at a friend, 23.1% on a bike trail, 14.2 % a memory from childhood, 11.1 % social networks, 9.4 % Internet, 4.6 % when shopping for a kids’ scooter, 4.3 % physical shop, 4 % bike/sports e-shop).

Break Free, absolute liberty and freedom

Riding a scooter most frequently provokes a feeling of freedom in people, followed by joy, relaxation and ease, as the most frequently mentioned. For others, it is mainly fun, or a way to get Excel tables out of their head.

Disconnection of the brain, involvement of the body and getting attuned to the beauty of surrounding nature.”

Heavy head from work and strain? Scootering brings ease again. Absolute detachment from thoughts about anything.”


Absolute ecstasy.”

Respite from mental exertion at work.”

Joy. Immense joy and a feeling of happiness. Return to childhood.”

Excitement about getting a breath of fresh air and discovering nature with fascination, racing with the wind. And as a bonus, I get my legs moving and keep fit.”

Depending on which way I go: uphill I would like to throw it away (sometimes), downhill I am afraid (sometimes), but mostly I am excited about it and I feel like I am getting younger.”

Yedoo Opinion Poll
Fifty-three percent of respondents said that riding a scooter makes them feel free. Joy, relaxation and ease followed immediately after.

Building fitness, stretching one’s back, shaping the figure, and an alternative to biking

There are various reasons, why people buy a scooter. The most frequent ones include building fitness, regular recreational movement, strengthening of the muscles, body shaping and weight reduction. For many, the scooter is an alternative to a bicycle, too, or an agile means of transport.

The scooter is my transformation tool, I owe much to it, but most of all for the great group of people around scooters, and also for having helped me lose 46 kg!”

I have been struggling with a prolapsed disc for five years and the scooter has enabled me to return to regular movement without an operation. It provides irreplaceable rehabilitation. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!”

My girlfriend longed to have one, and it would be a pity for her to ride alone, right. So we both got into it.”

Riding a bike gave me terrible neck pain, so I transferred to the scooter and the problem is gone.”

I had several serious accidents on a bike. The scooter was meant to be therapy as well as an intermediate step to returning to the bike, but I think I will stick to it.”

Yedoo Opinion Poll
Chart in %: There are various reasons for buying a scooter. The need for regular physical activity is predominant (building physical fitness 17.9, regular recreational movement 17.2, stretching one’s back and rehabilitating 13.8, weight-loss and body shaping 11.8, alternative transport 10.6, an alternative to the bike 10.8, catching up with kids on a balance bike/bicycle 6.6, riding with a dog 4.8, more stable than a bike 2.6

Short rides, fitness rides as well as weekend trips

Our respondents most frequently set out on short rides for the sheer joy of movement, immediately followed by those, who hop on the footboard to keep fit through regular riding, and by sportsmen at heart. A considerable number of respondents set out on longer trip on weekends, immediately followed by the group, which mentioned their journey to school or to work as their main scootering activity.

I am finally moving again instead of sitting at the PC.”  

Now after the covid times my fitness is down to zero, so I just make mini journeys, but it is a great activity I enjoy very much.”

It has become an addition. I do not enjoy running and I wanted an alternative to in-line skates and the bike.

Freedom, recharging, clearing my head, feels like take-off.”

Adult goofing, agility, curiosity and the urge to get to know the surroundings.”

Yedoo Opinion Poll
Chart in %: Short rides for the sheer joy of movement are the most frequent reason why people hop on the footboard of a scooter (short rides, entertainment and leisure 25.7, fitness rides, sports and training 25.2, weekend trips 18.1, journey to work, school 13, transport within the municipality 8.5, wandering during the summer holidays, travel around the world 4.8, riding with a dog 4.7)

Recommended use and technical parameters

We will help you with the selection

Asphalt or off-road? Short or long journeys? An aluminium frame or a steel one? Let us know your requirements and we will help you select a scooter or a balance bike you will enjoy riding. Go to Selection guide.

It looks like scooterers know what they are doing. When selecting their machine, they wisely follow the recommended way of using a scooter and its technical parameters. A sizeable group took advise from reviews, others decided according to the weight or design of the scooter. Only less than seven percent of the respondents decided according to price.

I decided according to the view of the person, who wrote the book GIRO 100 on a Scooter and Other Stories. No book has ever turned out to be so expensive for me.” 

The first one was a choice of reason, the second one a choice of the heart.”

It has to be a scooter and one size rules them all... 2x12”.”

The first one based on experience from rental, the second one a size to fit the car, the third one based on weight for races (the race model Wolfer RS was not made by then yet), and the fourth is simply the Wolfer RS.

Yedoo Opinion Poll
Chart in %: What do people choose their scooters by? Mainly by the way of their use (use of the scooter 16.2, technical parameters 12.7, wheel size 12.1, reviews 9.8, weight 9.3, design 8.4, brand 7.3, price 5.8, advice, expert recommendation 5.8, size 5.1, country of production 3.9, length of warranty 0.2.
Yedoo Scooter
The entire structure of the scooter derives from its use, therefore, when choosing a scooter, you should consider where and how far you will be riding the most frequently.

About the opinion poll 

Approximately 300 people took part in the opinion poll we published on our website, on social networks and sent out in the Yedoo newsletter this May. We drew three of them, and as a reward for the time they gave us, they win training with the world scootering champion Michal Kulka

The opinion poll is still open and you can also participate.

Fill in our scootering questionnaire, too

Yedoo scootering questionnaire

We thank you very much in advance Yours Yedoo


Yedoo Scooter


  • Yedoo  |  22. 5. 2023

    Halo Rich, thank you for sharing and recognition. We wish you a good workout and a smooth ride! Vendula and the whole Yedoo team.

  • Rich  |  20. 5. 2023

    This opinion poll is a great project. I like hearing feedback from other footbikers. I am the sportive kicker type. The paradox is that I can get a better workout in less time by footbiking than bicycling even though the kick scooter is slower. I notice footbiking slower, say by 25%, increases my enjoyment overall. I read about the Slow Bicycling Movement (started Denmark 2008) recently. I want to give notice to the casual kickers out there. You have a thrifty or sustainable outlook. It's good to let the scooter work for you between kicks.

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