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The Yedoo scooters thrived this year

Scooters seem to be an antidote to crises. Not only the personal ones (see more on our blog), but also the worldwide ones. This year, dear ladies and gentlemen riding the Yedoo scooters and balance bikes, your numbers increased sixty percent more than last year. We send you one great thank-you for the confidence you have shown our products.

The growing demand for adult scooters shows that riding a scooter and moving outside in fresh air helps people keep physically and mentally fit during lockdowns, not only in the Czech Republic, where scootering has a long tradition, but also in other European countries. More than one half of our production went to Germany, France, the Great Britain or the Netherlands this year.

People used scooters as an alternative means of transport for commuting to work more and they also enhanced their immunity by scootering. In the summer, instead of going to the seaside, they made beautiful trips around Bohemia or Moravia, or rode just for pleasure beyond the backyard of their house or their weekend cottage.

Scootering calendar

The adventurer and photographer Marek Jelínek also examined the Beskydy mountains in greater detail, instead of going to Africa. There, too, he took many beautiful photographs, though, one of which will appear in our New Year's greeting card (follow our FB).  We have made a wall calendar for you again for the upcoming year 2021 using the photographs Marek managed to take before the anti-covid measures led him back home again from Africa.

Wall calendar for the year 2021
Wall calendar for the year 2021

Film documentary Giro 100 – 50 Years on the Footboard

Next year you can look forward to a film documenting the history of scootering sport in the Czech Republic as well as the unbelievable feat of a group of enthusiasts, who went through the Giro d´Italia bicycle race on a scooter. The film, which is being created with financial support from scootering fans, is called “Giro 100 – 50 Years on the Footboard” and it will bring interesting meetings with people, who were at the roots of scootering development in our country, legendary racers and all people, who kept sports alive in the 1980s and 1990s. There will, of course, also be the people, who are behind scootering today.

The documentary contains unbelievable stories, anecdotes and memories, the telling of which often makes the eyes of aces, who have in many cases reached the age of seventy, brim with tears of emotion,” says the author of the documentary and chief protagonist of the Giro d´Italia on scooters, Jan Vlášek.

Watch the trailer to the film here.

The Giro d´Italia bicycle race on a scooter
The Giro d´Italia bicycle race on a scooter

Happy ride through the year 2021

We wish you peaceful holidays and for the next year we mainly wish you good health, peace of mind and a great portion of luck, which is something all of us will probably need.

And if you haven't got our scooter or balance bike yet, rest assured that you will find top-quality road, trekking as well as city scooters, scooters for fun, for the journey to school, trips to nature as well as for mushing in our product selection. All you need to do is try them

You will never run out of thrills with Yedoo.


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