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Another Wave of Innovations Has Improved the Line of Scooter Yedoo New

As a scooter manufacturer we are constantly in motion. Not only that we love to ride scooters, but we are also the drivers of their development. Therefore, our scooters can be slightly better again. The article below brings an overview of changes, which honor Yedoo Mezeq New Models, New Yedoo City and New Yedoo Ox.

Narrower Hubs

In coopearation with NOVATEC brand we have developed new aluminium hubs tailoreed directly for our scooters. The hubs with 74 mm distance are fitted with improved industrial bearings.

Safer Leading of Brake Cable

We have hidden the brake cable leading toward the rear brake into a safer place under the footboard. Newly also V-brake shoulders fit within the outline of the frame.

Lower Weight

We managed to reduce the weight of the scooter by 0,5 kg without reducing its strength. Yedoo Mezeq New is now 0,5 kg lighter, Yedoo City New has dropped 0,3 kg and Yedoo Ox New reduced it’s waight by 200 g. 

Solider Footboard

By changing the composition of the plastics and intensifying the back foot, we have substantially increased the strength of the footboard.

Narrower Frame and Fork

Following the narrowing of hubs we have also narrowed the fork and the frame of the scooter. The improved shape greatly reduces the risk of ankle injury.

More agile on the road

Due to narrower tyres the scooter will be much faster on the road now.


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