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The Czech Republic is a scootering superpower. The scootering league began here in 1968 already, the first World Championship in history took place here and the highest number of scooters in the world is produced here. Scooters are an increasingly more popular means of transport and sports equipment in the Czech Republic. This is also due to the Czech Scooter Association (ČSK), which has been popularizing this sport since 1994.

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We respect the activity of the organisation and all people, who devote nearly all of their free time to promoting scootering, very much. We have therefore decided to support them.

Due to their tireless activity, scootering belongs among officially recognised sports in the Czech Republic since 2002. In the year 2004, the first World Championship took place in Plzeň and Karlovy Vary with the support of ČSK. After ten years, in 2014, the championship returned to the West-Bohemian metropolis and Czech racers won the most valuable medals here.

However, the foundations of Czech scootering were already being formed at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. The first round of the Rollo League was in 1968. After a short intermission between the years 1982 – 1988, the competition became the basis of the highest scootering competition in the Czech Republic.

The association has more than 200 members now and Czech racers maintain high positions in worldwide scootering. The number of members of the association continues to grow slightly, the quality of the Rollo League is increasing and other races monitored by the association take place on the territory of the Czech Republic.

If you want to be there too, come and join in. You can find information about how to become a member of the association at

Mohlo by vás zajímat

It was raining during the 36 kilometre-long royal race.

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The Czechs Dominate The World Of Footbiking

29. 9. 2014 | Vendula Kosíková

The first world championship in the history of footbiking took place in 2004 in Pilsen. This year it has been held in the Czech Republic after ten years. Czech scooter lovers thus had the unique opportunity to see the world’s top scooter riders in action. A total of 200 competitors from 12 countries, including overseas riders from Australia, USA, Canada or Colombia arrived in the West Bohemian metropolis and the nearby Town of Touškov the last weekend of August.

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