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A construction well-tested over the years, finely-tuned height of the footboard, fast wheels and a solid steel frame, which endures everything.
Pevný ocelový rám koloběžky Yedoo Mula

Ageless classic

The basic construction of these affordable and comfortable machines for adults first appeared in the year 2011 already. Since then, they have become as popular and catchy, as the famous Da Doo Ron Ron hit. Do you know why?

  • The firm steel frame is nearly indestructible

    The original steel frame by Yedoo is firm and compact at the same time. It provides comfortable space for the rider and contributes to a carefree ride. It will support you in jumps over potholes and curbs and will not shrink even from a load of 150* kilos.

    Applies to the models:
    *Mezeq, *Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo


  • A balanced combination of steel and aluminium

    The steel frame provides firmness and optimum solidity to the models, while the aluminium components (handlebar, rims, stems, hubs) ensure the total weight is reduced.

    Applies to the models:
    Mezeq, Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

  • Scooters are easy to carry 

    The classic three-pipe frame has several advantages. In addition to optimum riding performance it also ensures that the scooters are easy to carry and store. 

    Applies to the models:
    Mezeq, Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

  • Safe passage through bends

    The originally designed anti-slip footboard along with an integrated stand and finely tuned ride height ensure a safe ride and smooth passage through bends.

    Applies to the models:
    Mezeq, Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

  • Adjustable footboard height

    The dual-position rear fork enables changing the height of the footboard and adjusting the scooter to the riding style or the riding surface. Smooth road or tougher terrain? That's up to you.

    Applies to the models:
    Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

  • Safely routed brake wire

    We hid the brake wire inside the frame, so as to protect it from being damaged as well as to ensure faultless functioning of the brakes.

    Applies to the models:
    Mula, City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

Yedoo RunRun Components

Pevný ocelový rám koloběžky Yedoo Mula
Hliníková řídítka Yedoo Mula
  • Lighter handlebar

    The light aluminium handlebar is firm, has adjustable height and contributes to a reduction of the general weight of the scooter.

    To set up their height, you only need one hex key with a 6 mm diameter.

  • Tektro brake levers

    Fully functional as well as pleasant to the tough.

Pevný představec u koloběžky Yedoo Mula
  • Zoom stem

    The firm stem has a wide range of setup. You can adjust not only the height of the handlebar, but also their tilt.

Pohodlené a ergonomické gripy - koloběžky Yedoo Mula
  • Grips with double fixation

    Ergonomically shaped grips with a pleasant surface that fit well into the hand ensure comfort even during long rides.

    Due to double fixation, they stay firmly put in the position you set up. 


Příprava pro držák láhve Yedoo Mula
  • Prepared for two bottle holders

    You can install two bottle holders on the scooter, so as not to run out of juice on the way.

Plně integrovaný stojánek Yedoo Mula
  • Integrated stand

    The originally designed folding stand is fully integrated in the structure of the frame and in the folded position it has a minimum impact on smooth passing of the scooter through the terrain.

    The scooter is easy and stable to park, similarly to a motorbike.

Protiskluzový povrch stupátka u koloběžky Yedoo
  • Anti-slip footboard

    We have given the wide spacious footboard a moulded Yedoo logo and  an anti-slip surface, which will ensure a safe ride for you even in more demanding conditions such as wet weather, mud or fallen leaves.

Náboje 74 mm koloběžky Yedoo RunRun
  • Novatec hubs

    Aluminium wheel hubs with industrial bearings are undemanding to adjust and maintain.

    You will mostly appreciate their smooth running and lower rolling resistance when burdened, though. Less friction, more joy.

  • Narrower wheel hubs (74 mm)

    Narrower wheel hubs enabled us to make a slimmer rear fork and thus make more space for the kicking leg.

    The probability of you hurting yourself when riding has thus been reduced to minimum.

Příprava pro uchycení blatníků koloběžky Yedoo Mula
  • Příprava pro montáž blatníků

    Montáž blatníků je snadná, klidně s ní začněte teprve až se stáhnou mraky.

Bezpečné brzdy koloběžky Yedoo RunRun
  • Safe brakes

    Brakes with quality brake pads are the basic element of the general safety and riding comfort of every proper scooter.

    Everyone, who likes to ride a scooter rather than riding in an ambulance, will appreciate them.

Dvoustěnný hliníkový ráfek u koloběžek Yeoo RunRun
  • Two-walled aluminium rims

    The twin-walled aluminium rim can handle high pressure in tyres safely and due to milled braking surfaces braking will be smooth and safe.

  • Kenda tyres

    The wider Kenda tyres can be inflated to higher pressure*, which makes the ride much easier. (12” tyres up to 5.5 bars and 16” and 20” tyres up to 4.6 bars.)

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