Scooters for Schools

#Yedoosupports | 2015–2018

Every year, before the holidays begin, primary school pupils in North Moravia can compete on the ovals of municipal stadiums. A team of enthusiastic scooterers from Ostrava, especially Mr. and Mrs. Waldhauser, is behind the project, the aim of which is to introduce scootering to children as a meaningful leisure and sports activity.

schools addressed
30 000
children participated

It all takes place over three days in June, two of which are nomination days and one the final day. They compete in a 500m sprint and a parallel relay race. The winning team will be left with six challenge scooters to race until the next race. Isn’t that a sensational idea?

“Our vision is to extend the Scooters project to schools across the country and, in cooperation with the Czech Scooter Association, to organize one-day nationwide cup races for youngsters as an alternative to the scooter Rollo League,” explains Jiří Waldhauser, the father of the project. “If there is anyone among you who is as passionate as we in Bokolobka are, be sure to get in touch with us,” the enthusiastic scooterer urges. “After all, scooters and children have always belonged together.” 

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