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“One does not need to have much, in order to see much,” says Blandine, an ambassador of slow travel, who set out for the world on a scooter, seeking not only her personal happiness, but also a different way of existence than that offered to us by consumer society.

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She moves using her own power power and everything she has fits on the scooter rack. She tries to see for herself whether the world is really as it appears from the media, what we really need to be satisfied and what serves only to maintain consumerism.

Since November 2015, when she left her career of a graphic designer and her apartment, she has travelled nearly 57,000 km on a scooter. She has left the countries of Europe behind, traversed the Turkish steppes, the hot deserts of Iran, the snowy Pamir Highway, the Taklamakan Desert feared by ancient pilgrims, the Tibetan Plateau, the humid tropics of Southeast Asia and the islands of Indonesia, to arrive on the shores of Australia on April 9.

Australia brought Bladine not only further challenges, such as temperatures around 40°C, endless distances and zigzagging between large fires, but also the longed-for peace, solitude and harmony with nature. Her Australian journey was ended after a year by the covid-19 pandemic, but even then Blandine did not give up her search for a better way of life. She settled down, unplugged from networks and is now dedicated to building a self-sufficient garden.

“I can’t tell you how much Dragstr has become a part of me. But unfortunately, I need to leave it here in Australia. It is hard, and perhaps also very symbolic. I am giving it as a gift to people, who let me stay at their cottage in Ceduna. Travelling across three continents has taught me a lot, not only about the world, but also about myself. The experience I have gained is like a seed that will soon germinate into a slightly better world.”

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La Trottineuse. Diary Notes from a World Tour by Scooter. Part 4.

2. 10. 2019 | Redakce

A few days ago I was finally granted 10 months visa, which means I will be able to explore the country-continent for a long time. I immediately left the highway to head into the heart of the Pilbara; the sea of granite is growing, the earth exhumes its carmine tones, million years old mounts profiles change throughout the day in the sunshine...Wild hypnosis!

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La Trottineuse. Diary Notes from a World Tour by Scooter. Part 3.

25. 9. 2019 | Redakce

Three and half years of kicking and living on the Road throughout Eurasia had led Blandine to the gates of Australia. She had spent the last months running against the clock on main roads across burning, humid and overpopulated South East Asia, circumstances which she found were not allowing for a proper experiment of the simple good life. Leaf through her travel log with us and take a look at how she is doing on remote Australian trails.

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La Trottineuse. Diary notes from a world tour by scooter. Part 2.

4. 1. 2019 | Vendula Kosíková

Blandine lives a simple life. She has been on her scooter, travelling the world, for three years now. Come along with us: glance into her diary entries, followed on Facebook by over five thousand people from all over the world. They are remarkable, just like Blandine, whose nomadism brings her a more conscious way of life. We have chosen for you a selection of entries which we particularly enjoyed.

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La Trottineuse. Diary notes from a world tour by scooter. Part 1.

5. 12. 2018 | Vendula Kosíková

Three years have passed since she rode her first mile on the scooter. About 1095 days and 43,588 kilometres later, Blandine is somewhere in Thailand, behind her the snowy saddles of Pamir, the desiccating Taklamakan desert of China, the Tibetan plateau and the rich rainforests of Laos and Vietnam.

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